Shang Zheng
Shang Zheng
Sales Manager at Fise Hi-tech Group Co.,Ltd
Shenzhen, China
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Fise Hi-tech Group Co.,Ltd(hereafter refered to as FISE HI-TECH),was established in 2007,which has been mainly specialized in the application of electronic information and interconnection with the aim of proving intelligent information products and service for individuals,families as well as numerous businesses. SHENZHEN FISE TECHNOLOGY HOLDING CO.,LTD(hereafter refered to as Fise Tech),set up in 2008,has been mainly devoted to consumer electronics,especially mobile communication terminal. It has focused on the R&D of finished mobiles and the solutions for PCBA, CCM, as well as LCM.

SHENZHEN FISE INTELLIGENCE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD (hereafter refered to as Fise Intelligence),was established in 2015, which mainly specializes in the industrial electronics ,especially in the line of intelligent terminal of internet of things to provide wireless and intellectualized core solutions for application terminals,hardware platform and software system. HUBEI FISE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD(hereafter refered to as Fise Info),was founded in 2011,which has been mainly in the line of electronics and deals with the R&D of various high-tech products and the offering of relevant solutions,technical consultation and service.



Mobile communication terminals

Committed to establishing long-term stable cooperative relations with international operators and brands and providing finished product R & D services


IDH Design

Mainly engaged in the development of 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 4G and other network standards, covering GSM, WCDMA, TD_SCDMA, LTE, EVDO and other network protocols, providing ID, MD, HW, SW


Optoelectronic Display Solutions

The photoelectric display business started in 2008, mainly dedicated to providing the R & D and production services related to core photoelectric solutions integrating LCM


SMT service

Mainly engaged in the manufacturing and processing of SMT for mobile phone PCBA, LCM, CCM and other products, equipped with a modern plant of 10,000 square meters, six high-speed NXT lines


Smart Watch