Shane Lee
Shane Lee
Territory Manager at InteLink Technology Co., Ltd.
Taipei, Taiwan
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InteLink Technology was established in 2013 in Taipei, Taiwan. We are composed of experienced engineers and professional managers. All our engineers are with more than fifteen-year experience in GPS/GSM/RF/BLE/Zigbee related field as well as software design, including web-based platform and Android/iOS APP.

Our core concept is to realize what people really like and want and to make it come true. Therefore, we devoted ourselves to improve people’s daily life by using high tech wireless technology and keep thinking and manufacturing multiple functions but simple and easy-use innovative products to ensure people a happy life and secure people’s properties.

Our engineers are standby to fulfill your needs and to provide you a total solution. Contact us to speed up your business now. We are ready to be your long term partners.




Get benefited from our extensive experience in the business over 15 years.


Have you ever thought about connect things to gather more information and get things in control remotely? We are here to bring those idea into reality.


We are highly professional at the accuracy of GPS. We have the ability to build the solution from scratch, include software, firmware, hardware and Mobile app.


From logo, package, manual, app to platform are all customizable. Put your own brand on our excellent product now.


Personal/Pet Tracker(2G,3G)


is the leading edge Android / iPhone APP, specially designed for PAL-210 GPS Tracker. It supports Real-time Tracking, Geo-fence Alarm, Low Battery Alarm and History Playback, PAL-210 helps you keep in touch with your pet through Smart phone.

Mini Tracker(2G,3G)


is the smallest GPS Tracker, which can hide onto/in the most personal equipments and clothes without any awareness. The built-in multiple antenna in the tiny device can switch the mode and receive the frequency automatically. SAM-212 enables a mobile user to track and interact with the specific regions which can be Geofenced by the low-power consumption and efficient signal emitters that can be located anywhere, including indoors, and even on moving targets.

Emergency Response System


is a device for child, elder and traveler. It is a multi-functional personal GPS tracker device. Combing with GSM module and high performance GPS, the device can be usedto track user’s position and report the position and statusto data server andmobile phone of monitor person. The device can be operated in continuous tracking.

Anklet Tracker


GAB-200 , the most accurate GPS WG one piece monitoring devices in the industry. It utilizes GPS, GPRS, GSM, and SMS technology that provides active/passive continuous monitoring in real time. Our single-device approach allows for increased freedom of movement without losing tracking accuracy. Also GAB-200 is proud of only one in the market to support AGPS,DGPS that could increase accuracy around two meters and assist calculating offender’s position inside building.

The GAB-RFS plug is designed for indoor solution for GAB200 the offender anklet tracker. Using latest wireless technology to reach the goal of power-saving and indoor positioning. Simple installation and powerful features allow the monitor agency is able to control the whereabouts of offenders, furthermore, in real time.