Sergey Feingold
Sergey Feingold
Mechatronics Engineer at Kickr Design
Atlanta, United States
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Kickr Design is the fastest growing product design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing company in Atlanta.

With a team built around a strong set of core values, Kickr Design offers an unparalleled product design experience. We pride ourselves on communication, friendliness, and honesty, and it has translated into an ideal design family, workplace, and business. Our engineers and designers are not only exceptionally skilled, but also readily available to consult our clients and walk them through each and every decision made during the product design process. At Kickr, we work with you to turn your vision into reality.




Concept Generation

Through brainstorming and conceptualization services, the Kickr Team supports you in bringing your brilliant product to market. Our product development team members come from of a variety of different backgrounds leading to truly innovative solutions. We utilize a variety of communication channels to facilitate your involvement throughout the entire design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing process.

Industrial Design

Industrial design encapsulates the unique feel, look, user-interface, and the brand elements of your product. Whether you want your product to be rugged or sleek, colorful or neutral, simple or complex, our industrial designers will work with you to gain a full understanding of your vision and implement it through to the product's final design. We offer industrial design hand-sketches and artistic renderings as well as 3D modeled concepts, animations, and hyper-realistic renderings.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Computer Aided Design allows your product to be digitally displayed throughout the course of the design process. Design changes can be made quickly while also allowing for an instant visualization of each new alteration. CAD enables designers to test and analyze each part for reliability and compatibility as well as generate data for manufacturing. Hardware design requires major attention to detail, and our experienced product development team will work with you to ensure that we make your product with your vision in mind.


Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is the foundation for creating your brilliant product that will generate substantial sales revenues. Our engineers collaborate closely to ensure that your product is designed quickly and to exacting standards. Our mechanical engineering team has a collective background across many industries from Aircraft to Apple, giving us the experience to design, engineer, and create virtually any product. With years of industry experience, our engineers will turn your invention into a fully-manufacturable product and provide any files you may need for production.

Electrical Engineering

Many products today require electronic components including advanced sensors, computer chips, LED displays, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi communication. Our electrical engineering team has the experience and skills to integrate electronic technologies so that your product can be "smart" in today's "connected" world.

Materials Engineering

Materials engineers choose the best materials which determine the feel, look, and performance of your brilliant product. Our materials engineering team has experience creating products with aluminum, carbon fiber, ceramic, plastics, and steel just to name a few.

Software Engineering

Software engineers design and implement computer programs that make your product easy to use and compatible with other devices. IoT (internet of things) connectivity allows devices to communicate and transfer data to one another instantly from anywhere in the world. Our software engineers are fluent in C++, Javascript, Python, and other programming languages.


Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping enables design review and validation by providing a "real world" version of your brilliant product. 3D printing and other techniques allow us to quickly produce custom parts to test your design, and, by producing custom parts in-house, we are able to reduce the overall production time for your product prototype.



Our state-of-the-art 3D printers allow us to produce custom parts in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.


A CNC mill is a computer-controlled machine that allows engineers to take CAD models from a digital rendering and produce a real world custom part from a block of material. These materials include several metals, plastics, and woods as well.


Our services also include circuit building, laser cutting, rubber molding, sheet metal forming, vacuum forming, welding, and woodworking. For a beautiful prototype appearance we offer a wide variety of surface treatments including airbrushing, powder coating, and sand blasting.


Design for Manufacturing

At Kickr, we design and engineer all of your ideas with the end goal of manufacturing in mind. We can provide the technical drawings and models necessary for mass production. Our team has years of manufacturing experience which they utilize throughout the design process so that the transition from prototyping to manufacturing is seamless.

In-House Assembly

We can provide small-scale manufacturing services at our location in Atlanta which can provide real world product market testing. Our skilled engineers and technicians have the ability to assemble complicated products cost-effectively and quickly.

Worldwide Manufacturing Relationships

The Kickr Team has years of manufacturing industry experience. We have formed close working relationships with a variety of suppliers and manufacturers throughout world including the USA and Asia. No matter how small or how large your manufacturing needs are, we are here to support you in bringing your brilliant product to market.