Sergei Shcherbakov
Sergei Shcherbakov
Chief Technology Officer at Concepter
Kiev, Ukraine
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Company Website:Concepter

I'm is CTO at Concepter.

I'm responsible for hardware developing and all technical process addicted to hardware, like mass production, new product development. My mission is to create cost-effective, technological products. There is always a challenge to inspire the team to work for mutual aim and make them work like solid mechanism.

I have strong background in video production, photography and aerial photography.

I have created few awesome products like stabilization system for DSLR/MILC cameras which were widely used at Ukrainian rental houses and TV-production studios.

My background helps me to create new things and have broad view and creativity for solving any kind of problem.

Concepter is a consumer technology company that is focused on new product development in the intersections of software and hardware on mobile market.

Concepter is developing products with the emphasis on differentiation, produce and distribute them across the globe through the number of online and offline channels.

The company’s HQ is located in Kiev, Ukraine, where the most R&D is being performed. The mass production is being made by ODM in China and numerous partnerships were formed to keep sales in number of countries including the US. Currently, 20 people are working at Concepter, where 9 people are performing management and design tasks; 11 – software and hardware engineering.



iblazr 2, the second generation in the iblazr flash series, is the most advanced light source for smartphones and tablets available in the consumer market. This flash designed for smartphones also comes in handy when taking photos with tablets or DSLR cameras, lighting analogue photography, brightening nighttime video calls, or simply functioning as a small but powerful flashlight.


Cinezis is first Smart 3-Axis Stabilizer for Smartphones and GoPro, which reduces all the shaking and waving during capturing video, and allows you to shoot high-end definition professional-like video.

We are working on the product and planning a Cinezis market launch later this year.

All the tests results, developing process information, news, Cinezis videos will be posted on this page, so stay tooned to be in the track of events.