Sean Cui
Sean Cui
Chief Developer at SDChain Alliance
Shanghai, China
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Company Website: SDChain Alliance

With more than ten years of experience in system development, C++, Java, and Node, Sean has done extensive development work such as cloud computing and big data, and are highly concurrent system architects. He is one of the designers of SDChain blockchain platform, participated in the design and development of SDChain-Core, SDChain-Rest, and SDChain-Explorer.

  • What is SDChain?

SDChain, the world’s first IoT public blockchain to support ISO/IEC “six-domain model” standards. Fully considering the technical characteristics of IoT and the development needs of business ecosystem, SDChain is optimized based on existing blockchain technology with:

  • Digital Asset Issuance
  • User Credit and Identity Management
  • P2P Communication
  • Encryption Algorithm
  • Consensus Algorithm
  • Smart Contract
  • Cross-Chain Contract Mode
  • Market Consensus-based Incentives
  • Decentralized DApp
  • Rapid Access to Business

Such features ensure beneficial, rapid and sustainable development of SDChain business ecosystem to achieve mutual benefits among digital assets, blockchain and industrial IoT through efficient circulation and value transformation of digital asset credits, within a global framework of ISO/IEC standards.

SDChain is designed to address the various requirements and business needs from different companies and users; it will promote the coexistence of token (SDA), blockchain and IoT technologies, achieve efficient circulation and transition of digital assets credit. As a result, it is very likely SDChain will become a universal benchmark to promote the real social development through the combination of IoT and Blockchain.