Sawako Fujihashi
Sawako Fujihashi
Manager at Xacti Corporation
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Company Website: Xacti Corporation

Xacti is Japan’s leading digital camera OEM company.

We have both product development and manufacturing capabilities. They are refined through years of working with global top digital camera players, and we have operated a factory in Indonesia for more than 20 years. We offer competitive procurement and supply chain management support as well as production engineering. So we can provide a wide range support for digital devices from product planning to mass-production.

We recently opened an office in Mellon Park in order to extend our business in the US., and in particular a non-digital camera space such as IoT devices. We are seeking potential partners who have innovative ideas.

Our product planning, design and production of digital imaging equipment are based on our precise structure design and high-quality image processing technology that have been cultivated through the manufacturing of video tape-recorders, 8mm video cameras, and security-related equipment.

For companies that are looking for assistance with product commercialization, as an engineering partner, we are happy to provide solutions in the areas of product planning, development, and manufacturing of end products in addition to offering our intellectual property on a royalty basis.