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With over 20 years of experience in line of wired/wireless alarm system, surveillance system,video doorphone system,wireless doorbell,etc.Shenzhen Security Group Corp., Ltd , has already become the biggest manufacturer of safe and security products in China. At present the Group consists of 7 sole subsidiaries including Shenzhen Shenan Yangguang Electronics Co.,Ltd, Shenzhen Weierying Electron Co.,Ltd, Shenzhen Forrinx Electronics Co., Ltd,Shenzhen Kingoneto Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. and Shenzhen Jinfuxing Co., Ltd etc.

Our plant covers 84300 square meters and staffs are up to 6300. Due to the strict management, advanced devices, effective production flute and professional staff, Shenzhen Security Group Co., Ltd has obtained the authentication of CCC and CE. So far, our products have been well marketed in 107 countries and we have successfully developed 32 projects for oversea customers on the basis of OEM and ODM service.Since we count on long-standing business relationships Shenzhen Security Group Corp., Ltd. Deserves good reputation on quality and service in the long term. We believe in that the success of an enterprise results from the products of high quality and the trust from customers. Our aim is to create a harmonious and safe environment for people all over the world.


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OEM Summary

The manufacturing center

OEM: the most important way to expand for multinationals in modern society

OEM can be translated directly into English as "Original Equipment Manufacturing". The method of typical OEM is like this: the OEM manufacturer who owns the original equipments (that is the consignee) produces products with its own equipments according to consigner's requirements and delivers goods with consigner's logo. In the whole process, the producer only obtains the fees of process without the right to distribute the goods. The consigner controls the marketing system, brand or tangible assets. The former gets the fees of process only and the later is rewarded from product design to marketing.

OEM belongs to the business model of outsourcing, which is popular in today's international market. Outsourcings are actually a process of searching for outside resources and reallocate them. In this process, enterprises can reduce cost by reallocating important but not core elements. With the acceleration of world economy globalization, OEM/ODM has developed rapidly, expanding from developed countries to developing countries, from traditional manufacturing industry to heavy industry and from low-tech industry to hi-tech industry.

Up till now, OEM has become the important carrier of international work division. Nearly all the famous multinationals make use of this form to advance their strategies of globalization. In the sports costume industry, products run by business giant such as Nike and Adidas are all the outcome of OEM. In the retail industry, products sold by the biggest retailer Wall-mart are mostly produced by OEM manufacturers; in the computer industry, IT giants such as IBM in American, and Toshiba in Japan , more than half of their products belong to OEM/ODM. Even in the toy industry, OEM/ODM is found as well. The most well-known is Barbie. As the most popular toy in western world, most of its products are OEM.

From an objective view, multinationals can avail of the advantages through the method of OEM. To be specific, large multinationals naturally possess the ownership advantage including unique mature technology or knowledge property. Through the search for OEM enterprises overseas, multinationals take advantage of local essential elements and investment surroundings to localize their products. In this way, production cost is decreased.

OEM: Important Steps of globalization for China Enterprise

In the wake of OEM, China enterprises are inevitably involved. OEM in China are mainly divided into two kinds: one is OEM/ODM for multinationals £¬ and products are sold overseas. The other is to produce and sell products in China. The former form makes up the main body of our processing business. The later one is becoming the main approach to occupy and expand China market. At present, OEM products are nearly everywhere in the consumption market from clothes, toys, to home appliance and structural materials. In recent years, 400 enterprises of 500 top strong businesses in the world have moved their assembly lines to China. The big giants of world clothes such as Pierre Cardin and Valentino produce most of their products in Guangdong, and Zhejiang province, China. Furthermore, 60% of Nike sports shoes are produced in China and Nokia now has 5 production bases in China mainland. The famous computer giants like IBM, TOSIBA and DELL has also established assembly plants in China.

To sum up, OEM/ODM has occupied quite a large share in export business and local sale of China enterprises. Taking part in OEM/ODM, China enterprises may acquire a lot of benefit from many aspects. Presently, benefits in the following aspects are especially obvious.

First of all, taking advantage of the low cost, China manufacturers can enter into the global production system more easily.

Secondly, China manufacturers can absorb the essence of multinationals and improve their technology level to meet international market challenge.

Finally, China manufacturers can regulate their production method according to international demand, and enhance their management level.