Saulius Lukse
Saulius Lukse
Engineer at Kurokesu
Vilnius, Lithuania
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Company Website: Kurokesu
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Have a huge knowledge base in mechanical design. Besides this I do have decent background in electronics and programming. Also can make quick prototypes and sourcing in China - have few verified manufacturers. Visited their factories and keep good relations.

ABOUT Kurokesu:

Here it comes! Opening long awaited e-shop of things previously presented at This blog was home of touch probe, Raspberry Pi case, C920 webcam rework kit, high sensitivity USB camera and few other things. For some time it was good idea to publish these products this way, but things have changed and Kurokesu is born.

As probably most of you know, I design things, make prototypes and outsource manufacturing by myself. It takes knowledge about many different subjects ranging from material properties to specific social skills communicating with person who lives on the other side of a globe and barely speaks common language. As a result it is exciting to hold in hands new, amazing and useful thing, that a few weeks ago was only in mind or sketch book.


While I am working on other exciting products, please enjoy this e-shop. Excuse me if you don’t find all information/resources you need at the beginning, I will do my best filling the gaps. Also don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have a question or suggestion.