Satish Mugulavalli
Satish Mugulavalli
Co-Founder and CEO at RevvX Hardware / IOT Accelerator
Bengaluru, India
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Revvx is India’s first and the largest Indian Accelerator focussed on supporting Hardware Startups through Prototyping and Manufacturing of innovative consumer electronics and connected Devices.

Revvx works with major silicon companies along with global design studios, Maker Labs, component suppliers, EMS companies and OEMs across India, China and Taiwan to support the Startups building disruptive consumer products.

RevvX supports building Disruptive and Innovative Product Startups in areas such as Internet of Things, Augmented /Virtual reality, Robotics, Drones, Blockchain, Wearables and Connected Automobiles. Revvx drives Hardware Startups in 3 separate Tracks as part of the Acceleration Program.

Track1: Prototyping : Startups build Proof of Concept into a Prototype

Track2: Mass Manufacturing: Startups scale up Production

Track3: Distribution: Startups roll out Retail Sales

Revvx works with 15 Hardware Startups every year through its Accelerator Program and 20 additional startups through mentorship. Revvx portfolio includes startups from India, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Croatia and Slovenia. Our Portfolio has 60% B2B ( SAAS+IOT, IIOT) and 40% Consumer Electronics ( Wearables, Gadgets)



Convert an engineering prototype to a manufacturable prototype.

Access vendors for rapid prototyping.

Learn component sourcing and management.

Due diligence from hardware experts.

Build factory relationships at early stage.

Access to industry experts and mentors.

Participate in partner events and product showcases.


DFM Review.

BOM Analysis and Optimization.

Identify factory partner.

Engage with leading design firms.

Test and Certifiy your products.

Access to industry experts and mentors.

Access to discounted services from partners.

Participate in partner event and product showcases.

Business Track

Facilitate Fund Raising.

Go to Market Acceleration.

Certifications and Distribution Strategy

Access to Retail chains, Crowdfunding and e-commerce marketplaces.

Due diligence meetings and Investor demos.

PR and Media Connect.

Access to Industry experts and mentors

Participate in partner events and product showcases.