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Sam Chang
Sales Manager at Eppo Industries
Shenzhen, China
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EPPO is providing high quality silicones, plastics & metals with one-stop turnkey service from product design optimizing and DFM (Design of Manufacturing) review to production of parts, surface treatment, full functional assembly and packaging for all your products.

We are good at:

1. 3D Printing/SLA/SLS/FDM Rapid Prototypes.
2. Silicone injection and compression mold design and manufacture.
3. Plastic injection, over molding and dual color injection mold design & manufacture.
4. CNC Machining & Manufacturing.
5. Painting, pad printing, assembly, packaging & outsourcing as your indications.

We focus on providing you with a complete engineering manufacture and solution.

We strive to meet short delivery schedule with quality products and great services.

We devote ourselves to be the world-class provider with expert engineering, high quality manufacturing, reliable inspection, dependable logistics solutions and high-class supply chain management. From baby care products and consumer products to electronic housing, automotive appliance and medical devices, you will get everything with good quality and competitive price.


Our servicesFIVE Services in One Company.

EPPO Industries is the world’s fastest source for molds and production parts. We’re a technology-enabled company that rapid prototyping, 3D printing, mold making, injection molding, compression molding and CNC machining technologies to produce parts within days. The results is an unprecedented speed-to-market value for product designers and engineers worldwide.

Tooling Design & Development

Tooling design is the key of whole production process. Eppo focus on working with designers, customers and engineers to find and optimize potential risk before tooling design, then, design deptment will contruct mold structure via UG, Solid Works, Pro/Engineer and CAD software after confirm with customers and engineers. Plastic injection mold, silicone injection / compressing mold, high pressure die casing mold is our expertise.

During tooling design, usually limited to part structure, the general sequence of factors to be considered for designing mass production:

1、Analyze and optimize of part print or physical model.

2、The determination of optimal parting line and slide surface.

3、Choice of optimal feed location.

4、Design of venting and slag discharging and mold flow analysis.

5、Pairing die casting machine information and production practices of customer.

6、Analyze and design of ejection mechanism.

7、Arrangement of temperature control system.

8、Convenience of disassembly and installation.

9、The standard of wearing parts and its replacement.

10、Optimal mold strength design.

11、Aesthetic appearance.

12、Lastly, less cost on basis of above factors…

At the meantime, during manufacturing mold, besides machining and inspection according to design drawing, we also specially attach importance to jointing surface, rational fit clearance, smooth moving parts, high glossy cavity surface, strong connection, protection of mold surface.

At delivery, below files will be attached with mold:

1、Mold operation instructions

2、Testing report and recommended parameters

3、Certificate of steel purchase and heat-treatment QC report

4、Mold maintenance recommendation

5、Complete mold drawings

6、Spare wearing parts

7、Mold production record







Forward-looking design scheme, precise process control, positive service consciousness and attitude ensure EPPO made molds perform excellently in mass production, even beyond expectation.

Silicone Injection and Compresion Molding Solution

Eppo’s silicone workshop is specialize in designing and manufacturing various types of silicone rubber products, in the fields of baby care, kitchen supplies, automotive industry, medical treatment and others.

What we can do for customers:

1、Silicone injection, compression, transfer molding and epoxy.

2、Silicone over molding plastic, metal and rubber.

3、Co-developing with customers’ engineer, purchaser and quality assurance team to get better understanding of customers’ requirement on product design and performance, thus reduce the time and risk.

4、Superior technical problem-solving abilities.

5、Offers high quality and competitive cost silicone parts and products for global market.

6、Proactively develop and offer design and manufacturing solutions.

7、100% inspection of product with return rates of less than 0.1%.





FDA, LFGB, VOC, RoHs can be provided accordingly.

With the excellent service, reliable quality and strong technical support, Eppo has been helping his customers successfully develop and produce many innovative silicone products from just a concept or rough sketch...

Plastic Injection Molding

No matter components from ABS, PC, PP, PA, PMMA, POM or PE – as leading contract manufacturer we provide a cost-effective solution for creating both simple and complex custom parts from thermoplastic polymers on numerous plastic injection molding machines. So it is our daily business to make use of processing technologies like:

1、Injection molding

2、Dual-color injection molding

3、 Insert molding


For also setting standards in terms of longevity, we use polymers with a fiberglass content of up to 55%.

For more information about EPPO’s plastic injection workshop:

1、Our injection molding shop equipped more than 60 sets of plastic injection molding machines.

2、Numerous plastic injection molding machines with a locking force between 45 tons and 1000 tons.

3、Shot size: minimum 1g, maximum 12 lbs.

4、Tolerance (+/-): Down to 0.0001inch.

5、We provide 22 hours a day, 6 days a week automatically production services.

6、ISO 9001:2000 certified





No matter what kind of part you need, we can provide customers with the solution which will help to get ideas and stay ahead of the competition in the market.

CNC Machining Solution

Rapid CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing process that works best for prototyping, from fit testing, jig and fixtures, and functional components for end-use application. Parts are manufacturered through high-speed milling and turning processes from more than 30 different engineering-grade plastic and metal materials.

Our Precision CNC Machining services including milling, turning, drilling, grinding, gearing etc. Our engineer and technician can give you a reliance of high quality at commercial machine process.

1. Material: Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, etc.

2. Surface finish: Zinc/nickel/chrome plating, hot galvanized, PVC powder coating, dacromet plating, painting, polishing, e-coating, e-polishing, Fluidization dip coating, plastic coating etc..

3. Heat treatment: Can provide the normal heat treatment for the metal parts, such as tempering, annealing, quenching, normalizing, carbonize, case-harden, blue, aging etc.




Supplementary Services

Besides mold design and making, plastic, metal and silicon injection production, EPPO offers one-stop turnkey service to meet customers’ variant demands on finished parts including: silk-screen and pad printing, UV painting, hot stamping and painting, ultrasonic welding, laser engraving, powder painting, electro-plating and assembly etc.

Eppo has accumulated fluent experience in complex project developing, and established an efficient process to realize customers concept. With our significant advantages, customer can have an easy mind to cooperate with us, and more value added services from our professional and diligent work.

Close communication: we keep close communication with customer during the whole developing process, as it is key point to the success of the project development.

Swift Response: we respond to customer swiftly, as it is very important for customer make timely decision, and also a good manner of our customer services.

Technical Analysis: we provide customer strong support to bridge the gap from concept to real product basing on our rich experience of field manufacturing.

Cost Optimization: we do what we can to optimize the cost of the project, as we understand it is the most important for customers’ commercial success.

Process Control: we sort out the key check points from the whole process, and check each points carefully during the developing to guarantee the quality met customers demand.