Sally Lu
Sally Lu
Sales Manager at Neoway Technology
Shenzhen, China
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Company Website: Neoway Technology

One of the important mission of Neoway Technology is to focus on the development and realization of the demand of the wireless applications so that people can work more efficient and have a more exciting life. One of the core competitiveness of Neoway Technology is to grasp the customer’s demand timely and accurately, we’ll work through the relevant culture, institution, IT and so on to strengthen the core competitiveness. After grasping the customer’s demand, our management team is confident to realize the customer’s demand by the use of research and development, logistics, manufacturing and other aspects of the experience and resources which has been accumulated for nearly two decades.

There are two divisions in Neoway Technology: Consumer Electronics Division and M2M Division. Consumer Electronics Division is focused on meeting the people’s demand of short-range wireless communication, our products has been widely used in commercial field in overseas markets. M2M Division mainly provides module products for LTE, WCDMA, EVDO, GPRS, CDMA, short range RF and a variety of communications standard, and advisory service of related applications. The target markets is to the customer who requires a high quality of the module, such as Electricity, in-car system, data transmission, handheld terminal and some other related industrial applications.

Neoway Technology headquarters in Shenzhen, which is the center of the electronic communication products, R&D, manufacturing and sales in China and even all over the world. We fully used the industrial research and development capabilities, logistics and manufacturing advantages which has been accumulated more than two decades in Shenzhen. We also set up branches in Beijing, Hangzhou and other cities.


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