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Makers Boot Camp

Leading acceleration 100% Made in Japan, one of the most recommended in Asia, for hardware startups. Get ready for mass manufacturing with fast and cost-effective reliable technology.


Counting on prototype experts, we support hardware startups on key points, as business model, prototyping and manufacturing and IP, so they can reach a high quality standard in the global market.


Makers Boot Camp is a result of combined efforts from passionate entrepreneurs willing to share Japanese worldwide famous industrial best practices: Project Management with high quality.

After realising that most hardware successful crowdfunded campaigns are not able to reach mass production and fail to deliver products on time, our Co-Founders decided to use Japanese know-how to help hardware startups crossing the gap in “the valley of failure”: Design for Manufacturing.

We offer a full support for makers: your time is too precious to be wasted managing suppliers of your supplier.

After talking to startups, we realised most of them not only had issues to find suppliers for outsourcing their manufacturing, but also lacked business skills and technological know-how to solve the gaps of an industrial project.

Our Co-Founders

  • Makino has a vast and diverse startup ecosystem, operating incubators and co-working spaces in Kansai and also offering many practical solutions to support it.
  • Kenshin brings his technical expertise on team building across multiple regions and countries that have allowed him to develop a CTO & CIO role for high-tech startups.
  • Takeda connects the industry to IoT startups: representing Kyoto Shisaku Net – 100 small & medium manufacturers joining forces to complement each other and face industrial challenges as a group.

As a VC and mentor, Makino has learnt about how investors analyse startups, and the importance of a consistent business plan for an effective growth.

As a maker, Kenshin knows about many challenges to make a product and reach sales channels.

As a manufacturer, Takeda can cut the costs, with alternative solutions that keep the quality but fit into low budget, considering your market needs.

Even thought products can be manufactured in alternative countries, when it comes to excellency, Japan can be considered one of the main international players that makers are inspired by and can learn from.

We strongly believe collaboration is a key point to reach sales and this win-win partnership can add value to both sides.


Makers Boot Camp recently co-hosted Asia Innovation Tour in Japan, together with HWTrek, as part of our efforts to connect our ecosystem for makers, highlighting the potential for entrepreneurs to find new trustable partners to reach the market.


Below you can find the startups we have supported so far.

We onboard new startups all throughout the year, as part of our scope of tailored-made support.


1. AO: Recommended by the Japanese government as a trustable company with high quality, it’s an intuitive premium IoT voice recorder and messaging device. It connects to an app that interprets, organised and manages the data (AI).

2. Atmoph: Co-founded by two ex-Nintendo engineers, this smart window brings multiple functions, from 4K-Shot videos to live streaming and high quality sounds. One of the first Kickstarted campaigns well succeed in Japan.

3. Chikaku: Short listed as Forbes Japan "Next rising start 2017", it already won the Good Design Award by the Japanese government, as the best 100 designed products in Japan.

4. Hacarus: Co-founded by Kenshin, a former-Sony Engineer, this smart scale provides a better lifestyle based on a balanced diet. It was well succeed on Makuake, Japanese crowdfunding platform.

5. UpPerforma: Eagle Eye, a smart device for football players that uses location data to measure each player’s position, gauge their speed, and generate a heat map of the entire team as a whole.

6. Bonbouton: cutting-edge technology to everyday wear. Consumers can make a wiser decision about health and lifestyle. The smart clothes allow users to detect and quantify the stress level by collecting their vital health information including body temperature, breathing rate and heart rate employing our propriety graphene sensor into fabric thread. The smartphone app was designed to connect with the hardware, in the form of a button, via Bluetooth low energy for data transmission. They work closely with several Japanese fashion brand partners to supply sensor trims to their apparel manufacturing factories and the co-branded merchandise for their distribution channel.

7. LOOMIA: a technology company focused on seamlessly integrating electronic circuitry into textiles. With an eye towards supply chain integration and great design, they invent materials and processes to help brands and manufacturers create smart fabric at scale, from safety, medical, to space exploration.


We work with +100 Manufacturers used to work for the best hardware products in the world: Panasonic, Toshiba, Murata, Omron, Rohm, Acqua (former Sanyo),etc.