Rorschach Sun
Rorschach Sun
Partner Development Director at HWTrek Corporation
Shenzen, China
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Company Website:HWTrek Corporation

I am responsible for Expert recruit in China, we help our experts who can find stat- of- art innovative products on our website and connect with these projects to find the co-work opportunities.

Who we are and what we do:

HWTrek is the first lean hardware creation platform for innovators offering project management solutions and access to a global network of manufacturers and industry experts. We have been helping lots of hardware startups to get their products manufactured.

Our mission:

1.To make the hardware process accessible to every hardware innovator anywhere in the world.

2. To make every hardware innovation idea possible and bring it to life.

3. To simplify the hardware creation process, making it transparent and provide access to high quality factories

what's the service we offer:

Direct access to industry experts - finding information, experts, and connecting innovators with the world of high tech manufacturing Saving time and effort - Communicating with the manufacturers and managing and updating a project is extremely time consuming and often frustrating. This is what makes hardware hard and why so many startups abandon their projects. HWTrek makes this process as manageable and smooth as possible, in order to ensure a project's success. Knowledge center - we provide access to the relevant information at each stage of the product development process.Complete access to the full supply chain - mentors, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, venture capital connections, certifications facilities, and more.