Rod Yang
Rod Yang
Sales & Marketing Specialist at Tibbo Technology Inc.
New Taipei City, Taiwan
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We at Tibbo did not invent access control. We redefined it for the Internet of Things (IoT).

What's IoT? There is no official definition, and few can offer a coherent answer. Sure, IoT has to do with internet-connected devices — sensors, controllers, and so on — but the concept of network connectivity, in itself, isn't particularly new.

At Tibbo, we believe that the right question to ask about IoT isn't "what" but " when." IoT happens when hitherto disparate systems like access control, building automation, and network monitoring start talking to each other.

Unlike most other proprietary access control solutions, Tibbo's access control is not an island. Based on our revolutionary AggreGate IoT platform and Tibbo Project System (TPS) hardware, our access control system can be combined with other systems and extended in myriad different directions — both on the panel (controller) and server sides.

By plugging in additional hardware modules called Tibbits into our access TPS-based access controller, it is possible to add extra relays, sensor inputs, ports, and other hardware. On the server side, you can configure AggreGate to perform additional jobs, like building automation or IP infrastructure monitoring. Moreover, AggreGate facilitates the information exchange and cross-system response to events. This way, the access control side of the system can respond to critical network events, and building automation domain can save energy basing on access control (presence) data.

An access control system that is also keeping an eye on your network and helps you manage your building? An access control system that can be tailored to the unique requirements of your enterprise? This is revolutionary. This is Physical Security Information System (PSIS) based on Tibbo AggreGate.


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