Robert Bieber
Robert Bieber
Associate Director of Business Operations at Cosmosupplylab
Shenzhen, China
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Company Website: Cosmosupplylab

We are a leading industry player in the field of product design & development for advanced engineered soft-goods, mobile device storage & accessories.

Our global network of best-in-class strategic partners along with our wholly-owned design, R&D, automation and manufacturing centers is equipped to realize your boutique products with large-scale production and distribution capabilities. We seek to blur the lines between cutting-edge design and the mass market. We are an innovative company which helps our clients and end-users maximize their potential.

What We do

Our duty in Cosmo is to reduce the gap between design idea and its implementation in manufacturing. We help our clients move from the concept stage to production of scale at a minimum cost. We provide a full solution from material and technology research to design development, testing and production.

We help our clients create inspiring products based on cutting edge technology and thorough market understanding. We look for ideas that create real value and move our clients forward creatively. We are not just visionary thinkers, but future ‘doers’. Ultimately, we are about making things better: better for people, better for business and better for the world.

We at Cosmosupplylab offer the following fully integrated supply-chain services:


Product Design



Cosmo Project Management system allows to provide an enterprise-wide approach to identify, prioritize, and successfully execute a technology portfolio of initiatives and projects that are aligned with internal and external strategic goals and vision. A primary responsibility is to manage and control project constraints by ensuring project plans are implemented on schedule, within scope, and budget. Project management leadership is responsible for establishing and implementing best practices for our partner’s benefit in a way that encourages collaboration, standardisation, and overall improvement in our environment.