Ricky Wong
Ricky Wong
Senior Investment Manager at Idea Bulb Ventures
San Francisco, United States
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Company Website: Idea Bulb Ventures

Idea Bulb Ventures is the U.S. based investment company working with China’s Innovation Works, the early stage venture capital firm established by Dr. Kai-Fu Lee.


We invest in start-ups in the U.S., at seed and Series A stages, in specific technology focus areas. We evaluate projects primarily based on their team and product, their merit for the U.S. market, as well as their potential for successfully entering the China market in due time. Idea Bulb aims to be the founders' China partner, with the help and support of our team in the Bay Area, and the team of 创新工场 China's Innovation Works in Beijing and in Shanghai.

Idea Bulb's investment focus areas include:

  • Connected Devices (IoT), wearables, next generation fitness, lifestyle, home, car, medical, etc., as well as devices disrupting industrial sectors, that are software-driven and likely to result in data rich companies, new platforms or marketplaces.
  • Developer Tools, SDKs, APIs, next generation analytics, mobile A/B testing, etc., as well as start-up tools for sales, productivity and real-time communications.
  • Online education (EdTech), with a primary focus on exceptional content for the post-secondary and lifelong learning audience. The content needs to be market-driven, around a measurable skill-set, and delivered with a learning-by-doing methodology. Secondary focus on simple tools that solve school administrator, or teacher, or parent pain points, that can grow fast enough to become new platforms or marketplaces.

Idea Bulb occasionally invests in projects beyond these focus areas. Such projects are led by exceptional teams and typically have an immediate and clear synergy with the portfolio of China's Innovation Works.

For hardware, my main interests are companies with defensible technology or capturing unique data in a novel way that's not previously done before.


1) Developer tools & Big Data

2) B2B SaaS

3) Internet of Things

4) Education