Richard Tien
Richard Tien
RD Manager at LIWANLI Innovation Co., Ltd.
Taipei, Taiwan
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LIWANLI Innovation Co., Ltd. (Formerly named: Carry Technology Co., Ltd ) is a leading company in developing and manufacturing portable multimedia and storage products. Established in 1991 on the basis of Innovation, Quality, Service, and Value, LIWANLI has acquired 200 patents and delivered over millions of connections worldwide. Our strength is not just in the innovative design but also in the production of reliable products. We strive to ensure a time-to-market approach so that customers get the very best from LIWANLI - first! LIWANLI is growing steadily in this market. Today, LIWANLI is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificated company with a complete value chain of R&D, including software, hardware, system application, and system integration. In November 2002, LIWANLI achieved its momentous milestone and has been officially listed on Taiwan stock exchange market - code 3054.

Apotop is an innovative brand unveiled by LIWANLI Innovation Co., Ltd. We are aiming for smart phone and tablet accessories to enhance the connectivity and productivity of them. We got perfect solution for every smart phone / tablet to achieve the most effective way to share files with SD Card / USB Pen Drive. Besides mobile devices, we develop PC storage related products. You can always find awesome Thunderbolt series, SSD storages, stable module series and USB3.0 products from Apotop.

LIWANLI Innovation Co., Ltd. has been cultivated product design for over 20 years and invest in R&D of the latest technology. Not only have we developed the world’s first USB2.0 Card Reader at 2002, but chosen as ThunderBolt development partner by Intel at 2012. We dedicate to the latest technology, from 1st wired USB2.0 card reader to well-develop wireless card reader for mobile devices. Hours by hours persist in technical research for the rapidly changing IT industry refines LIWANLI as the leading company of storage related products.

Join us and embrace the future with us to integrate people's digital lives.


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