Richard Cho
Richard Cho
AVP at WPG Cloud Service
Taipei, Taiwan
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Company Website: WPG Cloud Service


  • 4 years on Hardware designer
  • 15 years for IC components channel distribution
  • 5 years on hardware manufacturing management

About WPG Cloud Service:

In 2012, WPG Cloud Service Limited was established to further support the increasing customer activities in China and other areas. WPG Cloud provides wide selection of quality products, extensive technical supports and outstanding logistic services. We have also created a community where engineers can obtain information about the latest technologies. In this community, WPG Cloud provides industry updates, turnkey solutions, and technical notes. It also provides chances for engineers to collaborate with peers and experts.

At WPG, we are delighted to serve our partners to enhance valuable, long-lasting partnerships. To ensure that, WPG Could has built professional customer service and technical support teams to provide complete consultation services and turnkey solutions to customers. In addition, with WPG’s broad product offering and leading logistics facilities, we are able to deliver quality and genuine products speedily to customers. With WPG Holdings’ spirit of service, WPG Cloud is committed to providing the best experience to our customers by quickly responding to their needs, helping them obtain the latest information, and shortening the time-to-market for their products.