René Bohne
René Bohne
Startup Program Manager at Telefónica Germany NEXT GmbH
Berlin, Germany
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You’ve heard a lot about the Internet of Things and how it opens up new possibilities for businesses, but don’t know where to start and what our winning value propositions are?

Geeny supports you in building and shaping the next dimension of customer experiences. The Geeny cloud platform and trusted partner ecosystem support with all components needed for innovative IoT solution development, from ideation and concept design through developing, market testing and rollout. By building your IoT products on our next generation platform and connected hardware, your customers keep control of their data ensuring you keep their trust in your brand.

We support your IoT journey with seamless guidance and expertise.

We help you connect and smartify objects, services and people.

We privilege your consumer with full control over private data.

You share our vision for a novel dimension to consumer experiences, and want to be part of our growing enabler ecosystem?

The Geeny IoT Platform is made for companies that create IoT solutions for their clients. Engineered by experts who created some of the world's most scalable infrastructures our next generation platform is designed by developers for developers. Through intuitive technology agnostic web APIs the Geeny platform gives your engineering teams the freedom to make their own decisions on tools, technology and architecture while ensuring that end-user data privacy and control can never be compromised. Geeny can even be used with other IoT platforms and web applications. By receiving inputs from any source and forwarding processed data to any end-point, Geeny allows your IoT solution to easily integrate with your customers' existing IT assets.

We invite to collaborate and excite.

We help strengthen your position in the B2C IoT field.

We guide human-centric design thinking and solution development.

You have ideas for sensing bikes, communicating pets and smartified bags, but struggle with fragmented technologies and missing pieces?

Geeny is an opinionated, cloud hosted IoT platform that gives you the freedom to choose your own development tools, technology and processes while always securing end-user private data. Geeny hosts and executes your code, and by combining it with other ready-made components from the Geeny marketplace you can quickly create sophisticated processing pipelines to handle any IoT scenario at any scale. Geeny provides connectivity, device SDKs and CLI tools to support all aspect of your development life cycle.

We offer a cloud hosted IoT Platform and value-adding Services.

We enable developers to orchestrate data and devices into valuable user applications.

We allow creation of sophisticated data processing pipelines.

For a new dimension in consumer experiences that really matter, for the human and for the business.

We believe that technology should serve people. We disrupt the status quo of consumer experiences and enable new business opportunities, with our powerful yet simple IoT platform and ecosystem.

... brought to you by Telefónica NEXT:

An entrepreneurial spin-off of Telefonica Deutschland, driving innovation in the data analytics and IoT space.