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Founded in 1995, BYD is a listed company on Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. We principally engaged in IT industry mainly related to rechargeable battery business, handset and computer components and assembly services, as well as automobile business including traditional fuel-powered vehicles and new energy vehicles while taking advantage of our technical superiority to actively develop other new energy products such as solar farm, energy storage station, electric vehicles, LED, electric forklift, etc... Currently, BYD has nearly 180,000 employees and 22 industrial parks in global with an area nearly 17,000,000 square meters. BYD is the biggest ODM/EMS manufacturers in mainland of China. Customers covers all the tier 1 IT companies.

BYD can cooperate from below three levels:
1.Components level like battery, plastic housing,metal housing, SMT, Toutch panel,LCD, camera;
2.EMS level, BYD purchase the components and assembly in house, customer can consign some components;
3.ODM level, BYD put R&D resource at project beginning.

BYD’s advantages compared with other manufacturers:
1.Biggest ODM/EMS company in mainland of China, experienced in smartphone/tablet/notebook and electrical device;
2.Leverage experience of cooperating with world top 1 customers to help startups with PM, supply chain management. May introduce startup to top 1 customers if needed;
3.Vertical integration in manufacturing, most of the components can be produced in house, which more competitive in schedule and quality;
4.Dedicate team and factory for the startup company, various in different cooperate model.



In green energy industry, BYD provides Solar Module (ranging from BYD wafer to PV module assembly), Inverter, Li-ion battery and LED lighting. Based on these technologies, BYD has developed electric vehicles, energy storage system, solar power system, Hybrid energy system and other green energy solution. In the future, BYD will continue to lead the new energy revolution, to help people get rid of environment issues.

Nickel batteries

Rechargeable Nickel batteries are one type of alkaline storage cylindrical battery and classified as secondary batteries. Nickel battery has a positive electrode made of active material-- nickelous hydroxide. As the perfect sealed construction and the efficient charge/discharge characteristics, BYD Nickel batteries provide superior features and practical value in long service life, high rate discharge and stable performance. As a result, they are widely used in many fields such as communication and telephone equipment, office equipment, tools, toys and hobby, emergency devices and consumer applications.


1. Long service life and economical

The cell can provide more than 500 charge and discharge cycles. This makes it extremely economical, and provides an expected life similar to that of the device in which it is used.

2. Excellent discharge characteristics

BYD Nickel batteries have low internal resistance and high, flat voltage characteristics during strong current discharge, which ensures a wider application field.

3. Long shelf life

BYD Nickel batteries provide long storage life with few limiting conditions. It offers problem-free charge after long storage, permitting to use in a wide range of applications.

4. High-rate charging

For those applications that require it, the cells can be quick charged or rapid charged in 1-2 hours. Some models of batteries could be used in 15minnutes charging mode.

5. Wide-Temperature Range

BYD Nickel batteries can be used at extreme temperature from -20℃ to +70 ℃.

6. Reliable, self-resealing vent

Each cell is equipped with a self-resealing safety vent that provides safety and maintenance-free function. The cell can be used in any desired position during charge, discharge or storage. The battery has passed CE certificate, UL2054 test, its safety is excellent.

7. Wide application field

BYD Nickel batteries with capacity from 100mAh to 15,000mAh are available. With four types available for general use (standard type, consumer type, high temperature type and large current discharge type), BYD batteries can be applied in any cordless equipment.

8. High quality and reliability

BYD have received the DNV certificate of SO14001 、OHSAS18001、ISO9001.

Lithium-ion Battery


Lithium-ion battery as a kind of clean energy is getting more and more attentions according to the worldwide energy shortage. BYD lithium-ion batteries includes lithium-ion cell, lithium-ion battery pack, li-polymer battery, etc., which are widely used in many applications. Many domestic and international companies, like , Samsung, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE, TCL, etc., are among the clients of BYD Li-battery Co, Ltd .


Lithium-ion batteries are widely used in the area of mobile phone, cordless phone, laptop, backup power source, UPS, power tools, digital products, etc. Li-polymer batteries could be used in even more applications because of the changeable shape, such as bluetooth, toys, aeromodelling, GPS, etc.

Main Features

1. High Energy Density

The energy density of lithium-ion batteries varies from chemistry to chemistry. The specific energy density can range from 100 wh/kg to 125 wh/kg, and volumetric energy density from 240 wh/L to 300 wh/L (double of the Ni/Cd, 1.5 times of Ni/MH) , which has not reached the maximum energy density in theory of 150 wh/kg or 400 wh/L.

2. High Voltage

The operating voltage of one Lithium-ion battery is 3.7V(average value),equivalent to 3 series nickel-cadmium battery or nickel hydrogen battery.

3. Long cycle life

The Cycle Life of lithium-ion battery is over 500 in normal condition.

4. Environmental Friendly

Lithium-ion batteries contain no polluting metals, such as cadmium, lead, mercury, etc., or the contents of the polluting metals are within the international standards.


Brief introduction
By using advanced power electronics technology, BYD UPS have the following advantages: high reliability high flexibility, high manageability and high safety. There are four series BYD UPS now: off-line iUPS series, on-line BR series, on-line IRON series which with Fe battery, and on-line BV castle series.
 IRON series
 Features:
With most green and environment-friendly Fe battery; smaller dimension and less weight; zero switch time; wide input voltage range; high efficiency; over length battery service life; many kinds of communication cards selectable; make the UPS network manageable, intelligent
 Application fields :
Laboratory、Business hall, Telecommunication room, Network access room, Small data center, Industrial control center, Security system, Traffic fee charging system etc.



 Brief introduction:

BYD DC power system with Fe battery benefits from BYD’S vertical integration in design capacity and manufacture advantage of power electronics product ,has the characteristics of high reliability, high power density, high efficiency and high performance price ratio

 Features:

Compatible with Fe battery and VRLA battery;

Excellent high temperature performance;

High power density;

Compact structure;

Environment friendly;

Integrate solution to meet various power applications;

Digital control with DSP;

High efficiency and energy saving.

 Applications:

mobile telecom base station, exchange bureau, transmission relay station, microwave communication station, satellite communication station, communication network request -48Vdc power system, telecom power solutions.

 Solution:

 Indoor integrated telecom power solution

Features :

Compact integration design, flexible installation of power cabinet and battery cabinet;

Effective solution for the expansion of existing base station and the new-built mini base station with restricted space;

Excellent high temperature performance, reduce the TCO of base station substantially;

charge and discharge at high current; re-discharge without full capacity; especially for remote regions with poor grid;


Fe battery module for communication

Brief introduction:

With the development of the communication technology, the operators require equipments as integrated, smaller, lighter, higher reliability, which is difficult to achieve by using the traditional lead-acid battery. BYD 48V Backup Battery, based on BYD Fe battery technology, with many outstanding features, is the best choice for communication backup power supply.

 Features:

Excellent safety –won’t catch fire even throw into the fire

Excellent cycle life – more than 2000 cycles at R.T

Excellent high temperature performance – work normally even under 60℃

High energy density – less weight and less volume than lead acid battery

High energy transfer efficiency – more than 95%

Modularized design – ESTI format 48V battery pack, easy to assembly and expansion

No need of maintenance – effectively cut down OPEX

No heavy metal including—environment friendly

 Applications:

Micro telecom base stations; flexible base stations; backup power for FTTx equipments; backup battery for UPS


Home energy system

Brief Introduction:

Home Energy System is a solar power system; all the design and manufacture are made by BYD. It mainly consists of photovoltaic battery panel and energy storage unit .The energy storage unit includes Fe battery, inverter and controller. We have several kinds of system right now, off-grid system, on-grid system and grid-connected system. The electricity energy of Off-grid area, on-grid family, building and community could be provided by BYD Home Energy System.

 Features:

The Fe battery has excellent advantages such as long service time、excellent efficiency as the charge and discharge、safety, high energy density, nice temperature performance and no pollution. Integrated system with great profile ,easy installation and no maintenance,well suited by all kinds of environment

 Application:

Off-grid area, on-grid family, building and community


Composite Material (Carbon Fiber/Kevlar)

carbon fiber is a kind of special fiber composed of carbon, and its content of carbon is more than 90% in general. Carbon fiber has the same characteristics of carbon materials, such as high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, but the difference from carbon material is that its appearance has obvious anisotropic and show a very high strength along the fiber axis. Kevlar is a brand name of an aramid fiber material product that developed by Dupond. This new material has low density, high strength, good toughness, high temperature resistant, easy processing and molding.

Samples Show

It is Over-molding plastic snap on composite cover.

CF: 0.4mm

KF: 0.4mm

Insert molding KF: 0.4mm

Unibody CF: 1.0mm

Glass, Metal and Plastic Technology

Glass Insert Molding (GIM)

Glass Insert Molding (GIM) is the technology that integrating A- cover and glass window seamlessly. The technology advantages are as follows: no step, clear border, no saw tooth. The process is as follows: glass processing →glass backside printing → glass front side treatment →Insert molding → plastic decoration.

Samples Show



Cosmetic Treatment and Decoration Technology

Digital Printing (DP)

Digital Printing is a technology that the computer controls the imaging device, and the ink spray through the print head under a certain pressure, so that it can direct imaging on the printing materials. Digital printing (DP) can print any pictures or photos on plastic bodies, films or glass and used in surface decoration of high grade and personalized products. The technology has four advantages:multi-color ,refined decoration, Personalized and customized, accidental surface decoration.

Samples show:




Easy to Clean (EBVM)


The technology is using EBVM technology to deposit the Fingerprint Resistant Coating on the surface of the part. The coat has low surface energy, so it is easy to clean the dirt depositing on the surface. Now, the technology is widely used in glass lens .Dyne Pen test and Contact Angle test are necessary test requirements to the coat, and the follows are some optional test requirements: Steel Wool test, Rubber Abrasion test, Salt Mist test, NaOH test.

Samples show

The sample’s test result

Sheet 2

Acceptance Standard


Contact angle(°)




Decoration or Function - Printing

There are two kinds of printing-normal printing and special printing. By normal printing we can reach background printing (black and white is mature), logo printing (can reach mirror silver effect), lot number printing.

Samples show


Decoration Or Function - Colorful Coating

Colorful Coating is that Using PVD coating and printing to reach a colorful effect. We can reach colorful coating with metallic effect by Using PVD coating and printing. But the cost of “PVD + printing” is higher than normal printing.

Samples show


Metallic effect

Decoration or Function - AR Coating

AR coating is short for anti-reflection coating and it is very useful for camera window because the coating can improve the thansparency status of the window. There are some familiar raw materials- TiO2, SiO2, Al2O3, ZrO2 and MgF2.

The sample’s transparency status after AR coating shows in picture.



Decoration or Function – ASF


ASF is short for anti-splinter film and it can prevent glass chipping splinter after break. But there are some quality issues caused by ASF and the technology has been limited.

Mechanics Technology


As the follow picture shows, the structure has four advantages: Eliminating the weld line of product surface; Making the surface glossy; Improving float fiber effect. Its process is as follows: molding→polishing→high gloss painting→Strippable Coat →CNC.

Samples show


Side slide apply to all key phones,and using special design of spring.Its advantages are as follows- slide freely and stably and good free play.

Ⅱ Vertical slide
Vertical silde also use the special design of spring.There are some advantages like sliding freely and stably,short overlap,good free play and low cost.

Ⅲ Tilt slide
Contrast to others,tilt slide use traditional techniques instead Die-casting.It has three advantages as follows- stable, low cost and colorful.

Ⅳ Ultra Thin Slide
Seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function,ultra thin slide has a special advantage-thin shape.In addition,its cost is low.

Ⅴ Side + tilt slide Contrast to other slides,it use electric magnet control tilt,and it not have tilt body.In addition,it is easy to open because it has automatic tilt body.

Dual Display
Dual Display is that two screen of the product are at the same plane.Now,it is widely used in Ebook.Its outstanding advantages are as follows- health reading , dual-screen, dummy Keyboard.

Samples show

E Book


Spring module
The products our division researches and develops are ultra-thin spring module, longer stroke spring module and single spring .There are some advantages as follows- ultra-thin ,longer stroke and low cost.

Samples show

Ultra-thin spring module

Longer stroke spring module

Single spring

Hinge module
The hinge modules we research and develop have two advantages-small diameter and low cost.

Samples show

Hinge module

Damper module

Keypad Technology

Ⅰ ATO kaymat
ATO (Assembly To Order) is answer to the customer’s requirements of Local Support and Fast Delivery.Its process is as follows: Injection molding—Painting—UV—Punching—Assembling—Laser carving.

Ⅱ Seamless keymat
Seamless keymat is that combining A cover and keymat seamlessly,and can answer the requirement of thin shape and defending water. Its process is as follows: Double color injection— punching — Painting— Laser carving— painting.

Ⅲ Mono Coating Keymat
Mono Coating Keymat is answer to the customer’s requirements of low cost and high quality.There is no need to coat and it can also achieve the effect of decoration ,shading and protection.Its process is as follows:Injectiong—Single layer painting—Laser carving—Punching—Assembling.

As the picture shows,through controling different LED light and light to different light guide film to achieve different modes of transformation.Its process is as follows: Kaymat+ Light guide film+ LED—Assembling

Waterborne Coating Keymat
As a environment friendly technology, using waterborne coating keymat will be a trend of mobile phone manufacturing industry .Its process is as follows: Injection—Waterborne painting — Laser carving — Waterborne painting— Punching —Assembling.

Ⅵ Glass Keymat
Glass material is more transparent than other materials. Using glass keyboard can give consumers with comfortable hand feeling and noble feeling. Its process is as follows: Glass cutting—Polishing—Chemical Strength—printing—Assembling.

LCD Profile


BYD LCD products include:


LCD module : TNSTNCSTNTFTOLED and Camera;

Glass size: 14inch*16inch370mm*470mm;

Output: 7kk sets per monthly;

Graphic precision: 8 microns;

Glass Thickness: 0.2 mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.55mm, 0.7mm, 1.1mm;


Spec : LED/EL Backlightyellow-green/grey/black-white modesmulti-grey degreeslarge temperature/normal temperaturetransmission/reflection/half transmission & half reflectionmulti visual angles



BYD Microelectronics, a subsidiary of BYD Company Ltd., is dedicated to the development of integrated circuits and power devices since 2003. Based on the strong background of BYD Company Ltd, taking advantage of China’s huge electronic component needs, rich engineering talents, its world wide partners’ expertise, and strong corporate support,and the abundant engineering resources of China,BYD Microelectronics has successfully developed a wide range of IC products such as power management ICs,power MOSFET,IGBT,FRD,IPEM,IPM,TVS,current sensors,CMOS image sensors,touch controllers,touch pad modules. Many of its products have been qualified and been used by the world class customers like Nokia and Samsung.






Battery Management ICs

For single-cell Li+/Fe+ battery

For dual-cell Li+/Fe+ battery

For multi-cell Li+/Fe+ battery

Power Supply Control ICs

Low power--AC/DC

Medium power--AC/DC

LED Driver

IGBT Driver IC

CMOS Image Sensors



HD 720P




Security VGA CIS

Security 720P CIS

Touch Controllers

Capacitive touch key controller

One layer Self-Capacitive touch screen controller

Capacitive Touch Panel Controller

Touch Pad Modules

Touch Pad

One piece Touch Pad

Transient Voltage Suppressors

ESD protector

IGBT Module

Industrial grade IGBT Module

Automotive grade IGBT Module


FRD Module

IGBT Discrete

IGBT Discrete

FRD Discrete


Low-Power IPM

High-Power IPM

Current Sensor

Open-Loop Current Sensor


Temperature Sensor

Surface Temperature Sensor

Indoor Temperature Sensor

Outdoor Temperature Sensor



Overview :

Connector is used to connect two components of the device。 The company keeps science & technology innovation as leading, product internationalization as goal and meeting customer requirements as task. It’s related to mobile phone connector, shielding, connector of digital terminal product, communication network equipment connector, automobile connector, medical treatment connector, computer connector, hi-precision mould and frame of IC down lead etc. We seek professional technology in the industry, excellent product quality, pragmatic management and strong power in order to gain customer’s trust through excellent quality and exquisite service.




Brief Introduction:

As the development of human beings, global energy and environmental issues become more and more acute. In the energy sector, electricity consumption takes a significant portion of energy consumption, where lighting is the main pattern of energy consumption; more than 20% of the world's energy is used for lighting, which exceeds the total amount of hydro and nuclear energy. In the aspect of environment, serious environmental pollution, anomalism of global climate, serious air pollution -carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, soot particles and other pollution, acid rain, thermal pollution, rising of the sea level, drought of land, desertification, all these seriously threat the living environment of human beings. This makes the energy-saving environmentally friendly products get more and more people’s attention, and LED energy-efficient lighting is more and more remarkable with a wide range of application areas.

Acoustical products

Brief :

Acoustical component is an audio-electric converting device, which complete conversion by electromagnetic induction, electrostatic induction, piezoelectric effect. All acoustical components which provided by us have stability performance and long life. Used widely in various fields, such as communication、telephone、home theatre and auto...

style and application

We have developed types of acoustical products to expand more application for meet requirements and advantages .specific description for types of products as follow:

main type as follow for communication:

1、Micro-speaker: playing music are widely used in high quality communication and consumer electrical product。
2、Earphone: accessory matching with mobile phone. With excellent natural sound.
3、Microphone: matched with microspeaker ,and used in high communication and consumed product
For auto use, products as follow :
Auto loudspeaker: 1. dynamic cone loudspeaker
2. flat plane loudspeaker
Auto electric horn: 1. Electric disc horn
2. Electric snail horn

Bluetooth Headset

Current Position: Products > Acoustical products > Bluetooth Headset


The headset HS6101 is a Bluetooth-enabled, hands free and mono- headset. Headset will be able to establish hands free phone conversation with mobile phones and other portable devices in high quality as long as they minimally support the Bluetooth2.0 specifications.


A. Small and lightweight design with in-ear fit, concision but stylish

B. The earplug cover with rubber, comfortable

C. Briefly Two keys design, easy to apply

D. Auto pairing TM for easier connection to phone

E. Redialing of last dialed number




Charger is a device to provide power to electronic, electric and re-chargeable battery. BYD charger is switch power design/solution product and includes communication charger, Consumer charger, car charger, and computer adaptor (Shorted as 4C charger). It has the feature like high conversion efficiency, quickly charging and meanwhile it has stable performance and long life time. BYD charger has been applied in communication, telephone, office facility, power tools, electronic device, notebook, and emergency lighting etc. industry.



BYD ODM was founded in 2007, part of the BYD IT industry group. We provide the ODM solution for wireless communications terminal device. With a strong R&D capabilities, coupled with rich mobile phone parts, components and production capacity of BYD IT industry, ODM won a solid customer base, currently there are international communications Industry giants like Nokia, Motorola, Kyocera, Alcatel, View sonic .etc as well as other domestic OEMs Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Vtion, Jinshuo, Gionee. The products covered the main wireless communication network in the world: 3G(TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, CDMA2000-EVDO) and 2G(GSM, EDGE, CDMA 1X). ODM have had a stable, professional and high-quality R & D team, strong industry design technology, hardware, software R & D capability, as well as the most efficient manufacturing process. At present, ODM experienced R & D personnel have been more than 1,000 people, located in Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai R & D center, more than 600 of them are software developers.


The core operation of ODM is providing the ODM solution and joint R&D to OEMs.
From the product orientation point of view, our products cover the high-end, medium-end and low-end terminals to meet all customer requirements. E.g. low-end phones with basic communication functions only, phones with multimedia functions, featured 3G phones and high-end smart phones.
From the product type point of view, we have mobile phones, data cards/modules and email devices, to fulfill the market request of voice/data communication, internet connection and personal or business operations.
From the network point of view, our products can support GSM, WCDMA, CDMA 1X/CDMA EVDO and TD-SCDMA which are widely used and will be popular in the market. We can also provide dual mode and dual standby products to fulfill the special customer request.
As an ODM supplier, we have setup our own product test labs, combine the R & D design, product testing, manufacturing, logistics and operation together. Our goal is to become the world's leading ODM supplier.

Mobile phones:

CDMA low end phone
CDMA mid end features phones
TD-SCDMA 3G phone
GSM feature phone


Data cards/modules:





Test Facility:



EMS Manufacture

1. Main Production Roadmap:

2006 2007 Q1, 2008 Q2, 2008 Q3, 2008 Q4, 2008 Q1, 2009 Q2, 2009

PCBA Assembly

BT/EMS Engine Mode