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Guangdong Real-Design Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Was established in Shunde, Foshan City in February, 1997. It was formerly known as Real-Design Electronics Group which was one of the first enterprises engaged in technology research, developing and manufacturing of household appliance controllers. After 10-year’s rapid development, Real-Design has been a large-scale comprehensive research and development manufacturing enterprise in the field of electronic products, almost covering all kinds of home appliance controllers, device controllers, home intelligent controllers, lighting products, new energy products, etc.Real-Design business has extended to Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta in China, as well Europe, USA and Southeast Asia. Main customers were many domestic and foreign well-known as home appliance enterprises included Joyoung, Supor, Midea, Gree, TCL, Galanz, Dehao Runda, IBC an so on.  

With the headquarter located in Fengxiang Industrial Park, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Now, Real-Design Intelligent Group consisted of six companies: Zhejiang Real-Design Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui Real-Design Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Real-Design Development(H.K.) Ltd., Foshan Real Electronics Technical Co., Ltd. And Foshan Real-Wiring Electronics Co., Ltd. In the aspect of enterprise scale, it totally occupied 110,000 square meters space with 2,000 employees. There are over 74 production lines of various items and 4 physical laboratories. The production capacity of enterprise has more than RMB1 billion.  

Since established Real-Design, it has gained a number of qualifications and honors. Real-Design was entitled national high-tech enterprise, national torch plan key high-tech enterprise,Guangdong enterprise technology center, Guangdong engineering R&D center of intelligent home appliance controller, Guangdong software enterprise, Guangdong private scientific and technological enterprise, Guangdong integrity enterprise, Guangdong demonstration enterprise, Guangdong modern industry top 500 enterprises, China intelligent household industry association council members , Guangdong IOT industrial alliance council members, Guangdong home appliance council members,Guangdong software council members, Guangdong Electronics council members,Shunde "longteng plan" enterprise, Shunde manufacturing engineering demonstration enterprise and ISO9001、ISO14000 quality system certification enterprise. It was first credit enterprise by Citi Bank in the small and medium-sized enterprises of mainland. Registered trademark is rated Guangdong Famous Brand.

  Real-Design Intelligent focused on R&D and accumulated an abundant R&D strength. Now it has had the Guangdong Enterprise Technology Center, Guangdong Manufacture Technology R&D Center, Guangdong South China Home Appliances Research Institute Secondary R&D Platform Center, IOT Technical Engineering in Shunde District, Foshan City and established a long-term stable cooperative relation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Southeast University, Guangdong University of Technology, Guangdong South China Home Appliances Research Institute, Beijing Institute of Technology, etc. In recent years, Real-Design undertook more than 30 scientific research projects included national torch project, production projects of province department, research projects, technology innovation projects,etc. So far the company had owned more than 200 patents and software copyrights.


(1) Smart Home

Real-Design smart home system centres on the family life, aiming at providing a comfortable,convenient and green home environment for consumer. Being a chief drafter of Internet Protocol of Guangdong standard of White Goods Intelligent Control Network, Real-Design make the interconnectivity between household facilities and home appliance network come true by us RF and WIFI technology.

To achieve the goal of high family intellectualization,which will benefit from comfortableness,energy conservation as well as smart controlling, Real-Design takes advantage of the huge processing power of intelligent control terminal to realize the control of centralization,state feedback and scene. The smart home system use sensors in the products that can detect and collect the signals like temperature,humidity,dust,toxic gas as well as lighting and also use a remote control applied for the Internet,GPRS,3W and WIFI technology.

Smart Home System Topologies

Application fields
  • The Internet of Home Appliances

    Using RFID chip as the carrier to records information of the appliances each of the links from designing, manufacturing,selling,maintaining to recycling, could realize the whole product life management of the home appliances.

  • Smart Home Live

    Takes advantage of the Internet of Things to realize the control of centralization,state feedback and scene on the home appliances which could make the home live more safety, comfortable and eco-friendly.

  • Smart Home Environment

    Contains lighting environment and air environment. By controlling the lighting and contain,could gain the intelligent management of the family interior lighting environment. By monitoring the temperature,humidity,dust,toxic gas,could gain the intelligent management of air environment as well as the gas valve control and scene interacting.

  • Smart Home Safety

    Constitutes the security and protection system, make interacting with the property security and community policing.

  • Smart Home Energy

    Monitor the using state of the home energy,including the management of new energy utilization,water gauge and gas gauge,Could be combined with the intelligent power grid to achieve the intelligent switching between the wave peaks and valleys.

  • Intelligent home terminal

    Takes advantage of huge processing power of intelligent control terminal to realize the centralized control and remote control on the energy,environment entertainment,scene and security. Customized service could be provided. Also can be combined with the intelligent community,smart city and Internet of Goods to provide more value-added services.

  • Smart Home Automation Device

    Including smart lock and service robot.

  • Smart Home Entertainment

    Can constitutes an entertainment facility,including TVs,computers,audios,mobiles and IPADS and other information appliances.

R&D Resources

The R&D team is composed of 30 professional technicians, including two professors ,5 masters,20 bachelors and 3 junior college graduate. The team has a wealth of experience in designing software and hardware and employed two senior professors as technical advisers. Real-Design has combined with many universities and scientific research institute to establish enterprise-college-research cooperation, being a main drafter of many national standards and provincial standards. The R&D department is equipped with the fisrt-class software development environment, which has advanced devices like DSP,ARM,WIFI,FPGA,RFID,ST,PIC,Samsung,Holtek and so on. Two labs are equipped with advanced instruments and equipment and used to products reliability test.

IOT Solutions

Aiming at the smart home system, Real-Design could propose an overall solution and provide with a complete test platform, Each solution could be validated by the platform.
1、The Internet of home appliances RF networking communication module, 433MHz two-way wireless transmission module, WIFI communication module ,Bluetooth communication module;
2、The internet of home appliances controller with Bluetooth and WIFI, APP and solution kits.
3、The internet of home appliances intelligent control terminals, 433MHz、WiFi、RJ45 Internet access of bidirectional data conversion, optional display mode.(3.5-7“TF))
4、Android、IOS and APP software developing.
5、Apply RFID to the home appliances. Using RFID chip as the carrier to records information of the appliances each of the links from designing, manufacturing,selling,maintaining to recycling, could realize the whole product life management of the home appliances.
6、The internet of home appliances controller and system developing, APP developing and backend server building.

(2)Green Energy

Real-Design Intelligent begin the research and development of green energy products and gradually promote into the market of the products since 2010, we have accumulated abundant technical and market experience . Products include solar controllers, inverter , solar power system and related green energy products , and we develop to home appliance green energy products and green energy derivative products , such as portable solar power system, water pump power system , solar lighting controller etc products.


  • Home solar power system applications

    Off-grid solar power system widely apply in remote areas where is without or lack of electricity, or where is difficult/high cost for power grid ,like highland, grassland, island, border post etc areas, for lighting, TV, computer, freight,washing machine etc household electric power system using.

  • Traffic areas applications

    Off-grid solar power system apply in traffic areas like pharos, traffic/railway sign lights, traffic warning/sing lights, express way/railway wireless telephone and monitoring system applications.

  • Communication applications

    Like solar communication base station, optical cable maintenance station, broadcast/communication/paging power system, village loading wave telephone solar system, small communication machine etc.

  • Solar-wind hybrid or other new energy hybrid applications

    Like solar-wind hybrid generator, solar-wind hybrid street light, solar energy with heating and other new energy hybrid applications.

  • Oil/seas/atmosphere applications

    Like oil channel and reservoir gate solar energy system, oil well drilling house life and emergency power, seas inspection equipment, atmosphere/hydrology observation equipment etc solar energy applications.

  • Other applications

    (1)related with vehicle accessory like solar cars/electric car, battery charging equipment, vehicle air-conditioner/freight etc;
    (2)sea water desalination equipment power using;
    (3)satellite/spacecraft/space solar energy power station etc applications.

R&D Ability

REAL-DESIGN new energy has over 40 technician experience senior professional R&D team, enforced in developing solar controller, inverter and solar power generator etc products ,has granted 2 green energy invention patents and 10 new utility patents, with DSP, ST, PIC etc development equipment ; we equip with standard aging testing room and advanced lab , with high power direct-current main, muti-phase electric loading, digital testing equipment, muti-phase temperature testing equipment, wave analysis equipment, solar imitator etc professional equipments; products strictly test as standard for basic test, reliable test and aging test, at the same time we can offer OEM service for grid-tied power inverter, micro-inverter etc products.

Green Energy Solutions

We can offer solar inverter, charging controllers and solar power system etc green energy products, at the same time we offer solar power system solutions, to make great contribution to green environment city construction and the development of national green energy industry.


Off-grid Solar Inverter


Solar Charging Controller

Off-grid Solar Power System


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LED Intelligent Drivers


Semiconductor Intelligent Power




Laser TV Power Supply


induction cooker


Electric stew pot


Exhaust hood


Microwave Controller


Tea tray


Kettle controller


Small stove controller


Cooking machine controller


Ordinary rice cooker controller


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