Ravi Wu
Ravi Wu
Project Coordinator at Freelance Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Consultant
Taipei, Taiwan
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From the years working on manufacturing spheres, I accumulated full-stack abilities of product developing, manufacturing and marketing, and built strong connection with qualified and trustworthy manufacturing suppliers across metal / plastic parts manufacturing processes. From prototyping to pilot run, I got solutions to get your product ready to go mass production.

The future of good product that benefiting people shall not be divided by "hardware" or "software", the future is for integration, specifically, the future is for "good integration".

As an "integration hub", I have passion to build good stuffs that benefits and moves people who interacts with my product. I have strong support from my partner vendors for vary manufacturing processes of materials and arts. As a quick mover, I always react new inquiry efficiently, deliver qualified services to my clients from time to time, and gave out solid suggestions based on my professional knowledge base. No matter how fancy the idea is, in product era, only on time qualified delivery matters.