Qubo Ren
Qubo Ren
Engineer at Changzhou constant exploration robot Co., Ltd.
Changzhou, China
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Changzhou constant exploration robot Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales of "security protection" and "fire fighting" and "industrial automation" products are the main high-tech companies.

The predecessor of the company is public security fire and a number of our high-tech enterprises and institutions of higher learning and other units of the suppliers -- Changzhou constant exploration technology Co. Ltd.

Figure for the Sharp Co, the elite in the our company product acceptance and commissioning. From the screen can see my company LOGO

A typical company customers such as Changshu sharp (Japan), Suzhou Kubota (Japan), Suzhou Samsung (South Korea), Changzhou (USA), Amphenol Changzhou Germany Derby welding equipment (Germany), Kunshan Yi Teng (Taiwan), Kunshan Ju Zhong (Taiwan), China dragon group, Zhejiang Lanxi, Changzhou University, Changzhou Boyuan metal the Textile Institute, Changzhou aviation technical school, a Jiangsu Public Security Bureau, Anhui Public Security Bureau, the Henan double center, Jiangsu Town, Jiangsu Liyang in a prison in a prison, a prison in Jiangxi, Jintan, Jiangxi, a detention center a fire unit.

At the same time the company had been in CCTV Happy China, love China, and other large and super large activities provide security equipment supply and excellent technical service for the public security system. And won the security equipment and technology for the 2008 Beijing Olympic torch relay when the support work. The only supplier of security inspection equipment at the same time the company is also the former President Hu Jintao hometown famous tourist attractions -- Hu ancestral hall.

Figure 2011 Jiangsu enterprises innovation achievements exhibition, on behalf of a listing Corporation in the United States to visit our company products

In 2011, the company's R & D anti-terrorism rescue robot and fire-fighting robot, as a representative of the product innovation of enterprises in Changzhou, Jiangsu province 2011 major innovation achievements exhibition, has attracted a great deal of attention and reports in various media.

In 2012, the company developed a fire-fighting robot, a new generation of better performance, was widely reported by the local TV media! At the same time, we received a number of patents!

In 2013, Changzhou constant exploration robot Company Limited was formally established, at the same time, the company launched a new industrial robot project, to provide professional products and service for customers!!

Changzhou constant exploration robot Co Ltd willing for you in the "security protection" and "fire fighting" and "industrial automation" field to provide the best quality products and the most professional service!


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