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Proof of Concept, CAD drawings, Design for Manufacturing, and realizing concept designs are just some of the challenges you will face on your journey to bring your product onto markets. With the Premium Programs, we guide your Project each step of the way to successful shipment. We have the resources and expertise to enable you to safely navigate through the many challenges.


What we do for you

DFM (Design for Manufacturing) Services:

Indeed, getting a prototype to mass production can be an enormous challenge. It needs help of experienced engineers, manufacturers, quality audit experts to make everything work well. Some hardware innovators have no idea what they were getting themselves into in post-crowdfunded stage. Your customers, expect to receive a fully functional consumer products. The failure of over 75% of hardware and product design projects makes clear that reality is much different!

To assist you in having a smoother ride on your Project development, Logistica Asia:

  • Connects you with experienced supply chain professionals,
  • Sources components from qualified vendors,
  • Provides project management services in coordinating between you and factories,
  • Working capital sharing, Logistics and distribution management.

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