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Phyllis Jhuang
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New Taipei, Taiwan
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GL Batteries is an ISO9001:2008 accredited manufacturer of battery packs, primarily for use in two-way radios and portable barcode scanners. We manufacture a full lineup of battery packs compatible with most popular radio and scanner models.

GL Batteries was incorporated in 1994. Our management team combines several lifetimes?wealth of experience in all aspects of battery pack manufacture and marketing. Our batteries are in use in worldwide markets and have won a reputation for exceptional quality and reliability wherever they are used- a reputation we spare no effort to maintain.

GL Batteries is located in New Taipei, Taiwan. Our sales office, R&D and manufacturing facility are all under one roof. This integration allows us to minimize overheads, maintain the highest standards of product quality and customer service, and offer the fastest delivery times in the industry.

As well as providing a quality product, we aim to make your battery purchasing experience as user-friendly as possible. Read on to find out how GL Batteries take the headaches out of Asian battery sourcing.


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GL Batteries Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries (SLA BATTERIES)


Rechargeable batteries are of great importance to many industrial sectors such as the electrical power industry and automotive industry. One class of such batteries is lead-acid based batteries.

The lead-acid battery in its various configurations is a time-honoured power source for diverse applications such as starting lighting ignition (SLI), uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and motive power.

GL Batteries supplies lead-acid batteries with high-grade power for camcorders, cordless phones, and UPS system. Our competitve pricing has been a success with professionals worldwide and will meet all your needs.

All lead-acid batteries are guaranteed premium quality, and we guarantee to the best and most affordable prices.

High-Grade power packs for camcorders, cordless phones, UPS systems, etc.

GL Batteries Chargers


GL Batteries "set and forget" six-bay* rapid battery chargers are designed with your busy radio or scanner fleet in mind. A fast and accurate charge every time, tailored to each individual battery's needs, keeps your portable devices humming for a full shift and more, day in and day out.

Different battery chemistries- nickel-cadmium, nickel metal-hydride, lithium ion or polymer batteries- have different charging needs and end-of-charge parameters. Use of an incorrect charger can severely damage or shorten the service life of your batteries. The GL Batteries microprocessor-controlled charger circuit automatically senses the chemistry of any battery inserted, and delivers the optimum charge algorithm to provide a safe, full charge in the shortest time possible. Most batteries will fully charge within 2-4 hours. When charging is completed, the charger will switch to trickle mode to ensure that batteries can be left safely for a longer period (e.g. overnight) if desired, retaining maximum charge until removal.

Due to poor design and under-powering, average charge rate on many "rapid" multi-chargers will slow down the more batteries you load them up with- resulting in just a 1/6 trickle per battery when fully loaded. Each bay of the GL Batteries true "6 x 6" multi-charging system is independently powered with a more-than-ample 1A+ of current- ensuring the same high charging speed is maintained, whether charging one battery or six.

GL Batteries rapid chargers make use of user-replaceable battery adaptor cups. Cups are available to suit most popular two-way radio and barcode scanner models. The same charging system can be used no matter the variety of models in use in your fleet- and, when upgrading or replacing your equipment, new adaptor cups can be installed at a fraction of the cost of replacement chargers.

Please contact us for full details on prices and available adaptors.

* Single bay and quad (4-bay) chargers are also available. All chargers make use of the same adaptor cup series.

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