Peter Molnar
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Company Website: Maform Ltd

Maform design studio focusing on IOT and medical products and interfaces. We offer turnkey solutions for proof-of-concept prototypes, standard and custom physical and digital interfaces and plastic enclosure design.

We bring innovation to life

We design game-changing products and experiences by understanding the latest design and technology trends. We offer understandable and calculable services from research to production.

Our Services

Understandable. Calculable. Reliable.

Our design process is clear and the well-defined milestones are easy to follow. Time frames and budget are always key parts of a product development process. We are always working within the limits of the agreed parameters. As a complex design team of creatives with different skills, we can guarantee stable quality and the highest level of professionalism. We are proud to be a transparent company with always evolving management practices.



Based on a research on the affected field and problem, we define the project scope together with the client. Depending on the project type, research might contain creative trend study, market research, user tests and interviews, technology study and mood board interview.

Deliverables in this phase

Research and test documentation, mood board, list of requirements.

Client input

Basic project goals and bottlenecks supplemented by any relevant preliminary information regarding the project.


We start this phase with creative ideas which are then evaluated and merged into concept designs. These non-functional concepts represent the final product or interface. Clients can select from 2-3 variations.

Deliverables in this phase

For products: main dimensions, material selection, photo-realistic renderings, CAD surface model, concept prototypes.

For interfaces: wireframes, look-and-feel screens, interaction map, clickable prototypes.

Client input

Participation in idea and concept evaluation and selection.


Where the concept becomes reality: we develop one selected concept, and provide documentation for realization.

Deliverables in this phase

For products: BOM list, final CAD model(s), marketing renderings, proof-of-concept prototype.

For interfaces: design specs, final assets, final UI screen design, HTML demo (optional)

Client input

Specific project goals and requirements regarding realization: budget, technology, project participants.


After handover, we provide support for realization by consulting with manufacturing or coding partner, and by providing suppliers from our broad supplier chain.

Deliverables in this phase

For products: Updated documentation or CAD models (if needed), quotations from suppliers. Project management (if required)

For interfaces: updated final assets and final UI screen design, additional screens and assets.

Client input

Manufacturer contact and general supervision.