Peter Liu
Peter Liu
Sales Manager at faytech Tech. Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen, China
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Company Website: faytech Tech. Co., Ltd.

faytech Tech. Co., Ltd. specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of Touchscreen Monitors and Touchscreen PCs. With its roots in Germany, faytech today sells and supports Touch Monitors and Touch PCs on a worldwide basis. faytech offers German engineered products, manufactured in Asia with local service.

faytech´s roots lie in Germany. Arne Weber, the founding manager of faytech, started already by 2001 developing and marketing electronic devices. In 2005, the today called faytech Service GmbH started to import Touchscreen displays in Germany. Within three years, the German corporation became the leading Touchscreen supplier in Germany in its niche.

Based on the early success Fan Yang joined faytech and the management team moved to Shenzhen to start its own production facility in China combining German quality and development know-how and Chinese sourcing and manufacturing competencies. In 2009, faytech Tech. Co., Ltd. was founded and Fan has been leading the company since then as a managing founder.

In 2010 faytech began its first own production of Touch PCs in its own factory. Today all offered Touch Devices are solely designed and manufactured by faytech, produced on its own ISO 9001:2008 certified production lines, following strict German quality guidelines and expectations. faytech´s market position is to deliver the best price/quality ratio in the industrial and B2B touch device market.

The reference list of well-known German brands using faytech Touchscreen Displays and PCs is substantial. For example, faytech´s products are in use by business units of T-Systems, Siemens, Bosch, Continental and Bavaria Filmstudios, as well as by research institutes like the Max-Planck-Institut or the Institut für Luft-und Raumfahrt and many more.

faytech´s Touchscreen Displays and PCs are used in a wide variety of applications.Customers use the faytech technology at home for house automation and media center applications; factories use the displays for controlling their machines; restaurants, bars and drugstores use the Touchscreen systems to make their sales processes more efficient.

faytech already has some real globetrotters like the IP65 Touch-PC series. It is used in America in car washing streets and washing centers (with SAW-option), in Brazil in police cars (vandalism secure), in Australia in outdoor POS (high brightness) and in Asia and Europe in numerous industry projects.


7''-12" Resistive Touch Monitors


The latest version (V.2) of faytech's 7"-12" Touchscreen Monitor Series has numerous detail improvements including lockable standard connections, a unique cable channeling back cover and mounting frames for machine and wall mount integration. Additionally each model has faster start up and reaction times because of our improved controller chipset.

15'' - 22'' Resistive Touch Monitors


Experience a new working environment with faytech´s 15"-22" Touchscreen Monitor Series. These monitors are packed with features and connectors that make them perfect in any industrial or commercial application. Each Touchscreen Monitor is built using an industrial LCD panel with backlighting (40,000+ hour lifespan), 5-wire resistive touch and anti-glare coating to enhance the user's performance and of course includes faytech´s 100% guarantee of no defective pixels. The 15"-17"-19" models have VGA and DVI-D connectors, with additional S-Video and HDMI connections added to the 22" version.

7'' - 15'' IP65 High Brightness Touch Monitors


Based on faytech's Touchscreen Monitor technology platform, faytech´s IP65 High Brightness series provides features that predestine the series for demanding industrial and outdoor applications. Increased brightness (all screens have at least 1000Nits brightness), completely dust and water protection according IP65 protection class and a robust, sealed aluminum enclosure characterize faytech´s IP65 High Brightness Touchscreen Monitor series. For connection, faytech provides an All-In-One-cable-solution with HDMI or VGA-picture connection, USB for Touch and a 8-36V DC-IN connection.

7''-19'' Resistive Touch PCs


Through its fanless silent operation, lack of moving parts and sturdy design faytech´s Aluminum Touch PC V2's has the reliability needed to separate it from standard PC systems. The new version is equipped with brand new fay-002 industrial mainboard, equipped with a strong Intel Celeron DualCore CPU, Intel HD graphics, 2G RAM and 64Gbyte SSD the system offers 32 bit/64bit Linux/Microsoft OS (Win7/Win8/Win10) support. Using reliable 5-wire resistive touch panels and combine them with faytech´s even subpixel free A+ LCD panels it is faytech´s cost effective but reliable solution for long term operation in today's demanding manufacturing, commercial, and retail environments.

7'' - 22'' Capacitive Touch PCs


faytech´s innovative IP65 Front Capacitive Touchscreen PC with its silent fanless operation, reliability, and fine craftsmanship, stands out from the competition. Flat edge to edge glass with a patented silicone rubberized seal ensures the front panel is water proof and dust proof meeting the requirements of IP65 standards. The back has a sturdy aluminum case manufactured out of a continuous casting mold with stable VESA-100 fixation bolts offering numerous industrial and consumer connectors like four serial ports, eight GPIOs or USB 3.0. The heart of the Touchscreen PC is faytech´s industrial fay-002 mainboard with the powerful but fanlessly cooled Intel Celeron J1900 QuadCore processor with up to 2.42GHz Core speed, equipped with 4GByte RAM, 64G SSD and Intel´s HD Graphic chipset, supporting FullHD, DirectX 11.1 and OpenGL 4.0.

Embedded Touch PCs


Available in two standard versions with just W-LAN or with W-LAN, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS integrated, POE-plugIn and OTG-port added, it is faytech´s most cost effective but still powerful DualCore solution for Linux and Android projects. Even WinCE-BSPs are available for project partners. Now available in faytech´s embedded capacitive TPC series or also as single embedded system. faytech´s Embedded Touchscreen Series is the cost effective solution for machine control, automation, and digital signage. By including pre-installed Android 4.2, Android 4.4 or Linux, a powerful Allwinner A20 Dual Core CPU, Mali400MP2 graphics chipset, numerous interfaces such as USB, serial, network, TTL / UART, Mini-PCIe, HDMI, VGA, GPIO, LVDS and extended DC-IN, faytech´s new Embedded Series is the right choice for reliable, industrial solutions.

IP65 High Brightness Touch PCs


faytech's IP65 Sunlight readable, vandal-resistant aluminum Touch PC series has been designed for demanding industrial applications, especially outdoor or in places with much dust or water. High-performance LEDs with extreme long life, coupled with specialty films and enhanced polarizers allow a perfect picture even under direct sunlight. The individually equipped, water-and dust-resistant, highly stable connections ensure proper connectivity in all situations and withstand all weather conditions and application. The heart of the system is faytech's renowned fay-002 mainboard series, equipped with reliable RAM, SSD and W-Lan modules.

Touch PC Kiosks


Available in 21.5", 32", 42" and 55" display sizes faytech's Large Format Multi-Touch PC Kiosks are manufactured featuring full HD industrial 24/7 LCD panels for constant use with energy-saving LED backlight technology. All models come with 10 finger multitouch capacitive Touch Panels and have a slim, extraordinary stylish appearance. Each kiosk has an extra wide viewing angle and is equipped with faytech´s industrial fay-002 mainboard series with its powerful but energy efficient QuadCore Celeron processor. faytech´s industrial grade 64GByte SSD with preinstalled Linux Operation System (for Windows 7 to 10 drivers are available), W-Lan and many PC ports behind a lockable cover provides a complete and secure solution which can be installed and used immediately.

Industrial Mainboards


Not only does faytech design the exterior of a touchscreen device or the internal configuration, but mainboards too. The result of hard effort is the powerful, yet stable, cost-efficient fanless solutions. faytech´s embedded mainboard is perfect cost-efficient solution for Android or Linux. FAY002 equipped with either Intel Celeron N2807 or J1900 is faytech´s standard mainboard, included in most of the PCs. For those who need extra power, FAY003 is the best solution with it's i5-5200U CPU.

Industrial PCs


Based on faytech's own industrial mainboard fay-002 the small industrial PC delivers all industrial and consumer connectors needed. Without moving parts faytech´s industrial PC fits perfect for harsh environments. Equipped with DDR3 RAM and faytech's industrial, reliable 64GByte SSDs the system is shipped with an actual Linux Ubuntu version preinstalled.