Pete Staples
Pete Staples
President & Co-Founder at Blue Clover Devices
San Francisco, United States
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Founded in 2003, Blue Clover Devices is a full service electronics ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) providing sketch-to-shipment solutions to clients worldwide. We have offices in San Francisco, Hong Kong and China. We specialize in power, wireless, and especially emerging IoT (Internet of Things) products’ designing & manufacturing. Our client list ranges from start-up businesses to large international firms, including NoMad, Doblet, Studio Six, Bretford, Audi, Volkswagen, Incase, iHOME and many others.

Blue Clover Devices Pete StaplesBlue Clover Devices

Creating high-quality IoT devices relies on tight integration of both advanced software and quality hardware. With our design office in San Francisco and 40,000 sqft fully owned manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, BCD brings together the best of software and hardware in every product we produce.

Blue Clover DevicesBlue Clover Devices

Our Shenzhen office capabilities include:

  • Hardware, CAD and Packaging Design
  • Product Testing & Regulatory Certification
  • Quick Prototyping & NPI
  • Tooling & Robot Programming
  • Supply Chain Management & Mass Production

Our San Francisco office capabilities include:

  • Architecture, Embedded Software Development
  • Mobile App Design – iOS, Andriod
  • Cloud Back-end Building & JAVA Coding
  • Database Programming
  • Web Interface Design & Data Mining

Blue Clover DevicesBlue Clover Devices

Staying lean helps us maintain a world-class level of agility, which is a key attribute in the dynamic IoT eco-system. BCD’s factory is ISO9001, UL, and CCC certified. We are also proud to be among the first manufacturers authorized by Apple’s MFI manufacturing license.




Your IoT Needs at the Forefront of Firmware Design

Our clients are savvy enough to know that IoT is revolutionizing the ways consumers interact with their products. As THE IoT ODM, Blue Clover Devices is proud to design, develop, test, and deploy firmware for a variety of MCUs (multipoint control units), wireless SoCs (system on a chip devices), custom peripherals, and sensors. We do it all in-house because integrating the design and manufacturing processes saves you both time and money.

At BCD, your success is our priority: we are committed to helping you maintain your competitive edge in today’s rapidly-changing marketplace. Not only have we developed long-lasting relationships with semiconductor industry leaders, but we also employ an expert production team well-versed in the latest firmware development trends.

No one can deny that IoT wireless connections are the future, and BCD is nothing if not cutting edge. We focus on products and firmware that use the smartest wireless technologies, including Bluetooth/LE, Wifi, Zigbee, and of course, global cellular 3G, 4G, and LTE bands. Our expertise in IoT functionality is your greatest asset in the dynamic world of hardware development.

Hardware Design


Circuit Design & PCB Layout

At Blue Clover Devices, every client’s product design goes through a rigorous series of quality assurance checks. With over 12 years of hardware experience, our expert engineering team has created a gate system to make sure every design is not only functional, but undergoes testing and debugging to meet PRD (Product Requirement Document) and PSS (Product Spec Sheet) standards, as well. BCD has strong hardware engineering experiences in:

Circuit DesignPLM ManagementPCB Layout Testing & DebuggingMechanical DesignSamples & Rapid PrototypingPackaging DesignPilot Run & P-FEMA

There are many gaps that need to be filled to get products all the way from prototype to golden sample approval and finally to manufacture. BCD’s exacting gate system has been developed with maximum efficiency to ensure the timely and high-quality mass production of your product.



Engineering Debugging & Testing

Our engineering team has a proven track record in lab testing for Safety, EMC, WIFI, Reliability, ROHS, MFI, and more. We also help many of our clients acquire and successfully maintain product certifications like UL, CE, CCC, TUV, FCC, and PSE in major international markets. UL certification of WTDP is particularly valuable because it ensures a faster overall process, saving you precious time and resources. As experts at navigating these certifications ourselves, we are well-equipped to assist the authentication process for our up-and-coming clientele.

To support your certification process, our WTDP-certified lab is equipped with advanced analytic and diagnostic equipment and devices, including:

  • Tektronix Digital Oscilloscope
  • Spectrum Analyzer (9kHz ~ 3GHz)
  • Anritsu Signal Generator (1.3 GHz)
  • RF Shielded Testing Chamber
  • Memmert Temperature & Humidity Testing Chamber (+160C/320F)
  • Agilent Digital Multimeters
  • YOKOGAWA Data Acquisition Unit
  • Chroma Electronics Load
  • Chroma Electrical Safety Analyzer
  • Industrial Grade 3D printer (9 colors, real ABS thermoplastics)
  • Minolta Pro Color Reader
  • AC Voltage Regulator (5kVA, 0~300V)

Supply Chain Solutions


From A to B, With No Hassle

To some, the term “supply chain” means millions of details, too many late night international conference calls, urgent cross-pacific traveling, and of course, the costs these headaches incur. But it doesn’t have to.

Blue Clover Devices Supply Chain

At Blue Clover Devices, we offer comprehensive in-house electronic supply chain solutions to mitigate these difficulties. Our management services include component sourcing, material planning, procurement, warehousing, quality inspection, import and export shipping, and more.

BCD strives for quality, not only in our products but our service. Since 2003, we have built a reliable, competitive supplier network and pipeline around the world. Our expertise with a variety of materials and suppliers allows us to shorten delivery-time and provide our clients more competitive pricing.



Hi-Precision Laser Spot Welding

Technology is advancing at such a pace that our clients can’t afford to wait around for a new product. Blue Clover Devices epitomizes engineering power through speed, quality, and efficiency, and it shows in the quick turnaround of our electronic manufacturing services. In fact, orders entering the production phase are consistently completed within 10 days.

As THE IoT ODM, one of BCD’s 8 Points is “Quality First,” and we have committed ourselves to ensuring that true value goes hand in hand with fast production. While we are proud of having earned our ISO9001 certification in 2006, there is no greater affirmation of the quality of our work than the satisfaction of our clients. To further ensure in-house quality assurance, BCD is also UL, CCC, and MFI-authorized.

We recognize that total efficiency is dependent upon only shipping high-quality products. Combining exacting quality assurance practices with reliable, sophisticated machinery, the BCD facility defines engineering power:

  • Machine Quantity
  • Hot Bar Dispenser
  • Ultrasonic plastic welding machine
  • Injection Machine
  • Laser Welding Machine
  • Solder-paste printer
  • Surface mounter
  • Reflow oven Capabilities
  • PCBA, including 0201
  • Components and BGA Assembly
  • Injection Molding (Plastics and Elastomers)
  • Painting and Silkscreening
  • Metal Processing
  • Testing & Box Building