Pengfei Zhao
Pengfei Zhao
Product Manager at T&W Electronics Co., Ltd.
Suzhou, China
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Since its founding in 1998, Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics Co., Ltd. has persisted in the tenet of “develop the enterprise, train talents and give back to society” and owned the “T&W” trademark. In February, 2015, it was listed in the A share market of Shanghai Stock Exchange with its stock code 603118. Based on years of development strength, the company is pursuing supremacy ceaselessly. As a global advanced manufacturer of wideband communication terminal products, Gongjin Stock starts a new undertaking specialized in wideband terminal, wideband operation and intelligent products.

Gongjin Stock takes product innovation as core competitiveness with its products covering various wideband communication terminal equipments, intelligent families, wearable products and Internet medicine. At present, it owns many R&D centers, production bases or sales centers in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Taicang, Hong Kong and Europe and America. It has 3.1 billion Yuan of total assets, over 6.5 billion Yuan of annual turnover and more than 9,000 employees. Talent training is one of the foundations for the company’s survival. From “three items for new employees” to T&W Training College, from the workers’ dream plan to construction of carder teams and from training of managing elites to talent & expert system, the company has established a whole set of vivacious talent training and promotion system, providing a broad stage for employee growth as well as endless impetus for the company’s long-term development. The company has passed a series of international certifications, imported management systems of quality, environmental safety and social responsibility and successively won reputations such as National Hi-tech Enterprise, Top 100 China’s Electronic Information Enterprise, Top 500 China’s Private Manufacturing Enterprise, Top 100 Shenzhen’s Industrial Enterprise, Shenzhen’s Enterprise Technology Center, Shenzhen’s Backbone Private Enterprise, Guangdong Scientific and Technical Award, Top 500 Guangdong’s Manufacturing Enterprise and Top 100 Shenzhen’s Quality Enterprise.

“Show sincere love and accumulate impartial virtue.” Approved by Shenzhen Government in 2012, the company established the Shenzhen T&WCharity Foundationas a formal fundraising platform for commonweal undertakings. Over the years, the company has contributed to built up eight Hope Primary Schools in western China and donated a sum of more than 20 million Yuan to the society.


Wireless Router/Access Point


Wireless Dongle


Power Line Communciation Router




wired Broadband Router


IP Camera


Symmetric 10G GEPON OLT


CBAT Module with AR7411 solution