Pavan Kumar
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Pavan Kumar, Founder/CEO of Workbench Projects has his Masters in Mechanical Engineering with his thesis in Design Process and Optimization from Clemson University, USA. He has extensive work experience working on industrial grade RP Machines which he acquired while working for 3D Systems, USA. He has also worked as a Software Engineer (Software Testing) for NTT Data, USA. After returning to India in 2012 he has worked for an educational products and services company as Head of Products and Communication to develop one of the company's flagship product called "NumberNagar," a mathematics laboratory for students between 3rd to 8th Grade.

ABOUT Workbench Projects Pvt:

"An apple tree did it for Newton, a bathtub did it for Archimedes... this unique space in town will surely do it for you!"

We are the very first makerspace, Fablab and co-working space that has reclaimed a public space from the government for all the thirsty makers, tinkerers, innovators and entrepreneurs of Bangalore. With 5000 sq. ft. of pure creative awesomeness right under the Halasuru Metro Station, you can simply bring your thoughts, ideas and designs to this playground and walk out with its manifestation in your hands.