Paul Lai
Paul Lai
CEO at AsiaRF Co., Ltd.
Taipei, Taiwan
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Company Website:AsiaRF Co., Ltd.
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AsiaRF is a WiFi ODM OEM design house, like IP Camera, High Power 5 GHz Router, IoT Home Automation Sever, BLE, Zigbee, Zwave modules, Sensors maker.

We have an innovative team where we support and you can rely on.

AsiaRF was founded on the philosophy of bringing people closer together through the design of communication solutions. These solutions support our core mission: connect and enable people to communicate in a better and more efficient way with advanced technology. The head quarter is in Taipei, Taiwan, and with offices and facilities in China.

  • We CONNECT people closer together
  • We CUSTOMIZE our products to meet your need
  • We CARE for our clients, employees, and our community


AsiaRF was founded in 1997 and located in Taipei, Taiwan. We started as a company doing cell phone related business. Then, as technology advanced and changed, we switched our focus to RF, Power, Computers and communication, especially WLAN outdoor solution now. Due to the continuous growth of the company, we then established our factory in Shenzhen, China in 1999, followed by setting up another office in Beijing in 2003, devoted to develop market-leading products through our highly skilled and committed team.

Across six continents our innovative products have over hundreds of countries, mainly focus on North America, and still keep expanding our business worldwide. From world sourcing, we discover our resources, opportunities, and ideas everywhere around the world to dedicate to our customers, in OEM and ODM while providing them with our finest products and exceptional service. We always keep our products on the top of the market and consistently customizing our products and services to meet and exceed each individual customer's need.


AsiaRF focuses on delivering solutions for communications for enterprise markets. We offer numerous products from wired to wireless with competitive price. Outdoor AP and boosters are what we specialized at and one of our top selling products. We persistently work closely with our customers, offering our best products and service as well. Our diverse product portfolio includes:

  • Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11) solutions for client devices, USB WLAN card, access points, broadband modems and routers
  • WLAN outdoor solutions
  • Cable, connectors, networking hardware accessories etc.