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Paper Program - Intops
Paper Program at Intops Co., Ltd.
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Launching the right product at the right time in the right way is absolutely crucial to market success. A "right product" is one that is designed in consideration of convenience and usability to provide a pleasant experience as well as value to its users.

However, that value will inevitably decrease unless such a product is launched at just the right time. In addition, the philosophy of the company should be reflected in products during its production. Although this entire process may sound obvious, it's not always easy in practice. A product is not merely the end result of making something, but rather a reflection of the maker's character and mindset.

Intops launched the "Paper Program" to support stable entrepreneurship environments and the continued growth of domestic and international hardware startups based on 34 years of manufacturing experience and know-how. The primary goal of Paper Program is to assist in the successful launching of a "right product" by a technologically-competitive hardware startup company.

Through Paper Program, customers with an exceptional idea and prototype receive support for design, technology, manufacturing, investment capital, marketing, and other critical aspects of production and grow together with Intops from conceptualization to final product.




Tooling techniques that express a texture and material diversity

As the design requirements for smartphones and other mobile devices become more diverse, the emphasis on tooling techniques that can satisfy such requirements is greater than ever. Tooling is an essential skill that can not only express texture and materials, but minute details as well. INTOPS possesses several tooling techniques for precise and rapid production of products in consideration of their unique characteristics.

Manufacture/Injection Molding


Injection Molding that make mass production possible

Injection molding techniques were at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution and led a society of mass production and consumption. Consumer senses and tastes became increasingly demanding, and high quality, production capacity, and rapid responsiveness were required. Today, INTOPS is working to completely satisfy the demanding needs of customers via insert molding, metal-plastic bonding, etc.



Coating techniques that ensure sensibility and durability

Mobile devices are no longer just simple products – they are now a medium in which to express individuality. Materials can be further highlighted, and a new sensation can be realized by applying techniques such as vacuum evaporation and multi-coating. Five to six coats are applied to seemingly simple external surfaces much like automobile painting which requires a high degree of durability. Through this difficult process, simple plastics are transformed into high-quality products to capture consumer emotions and ensure durability. Increasingly diverse materials, effective etching techniques, and technology that enable improved durability are continuously being researched and developed to satisfy consumer desires.


A sincere approach to people

Good products are not made merely with expensive machinery and the best technology. A careful understanding of all processes and a tremendous amount of time is required to accumulate the necessary manufacturing know-how. Each day must be dedicated to methodically honing a craft with an uncompromising attitude for quality. The manufacturing sites for all INTOPS products are brimming with master artisans with a strong foundation of technique built over many years and distilled into an art form.

“Continuous self-development, persistence, and belief in yourself are what make an artisan. Dies are a part of my life as it is a way of life. Over two-thirds of my life was dedicated to dies, and a belief that they form the framework of my life was applied to each and every die and carefully handled. I’ve devoted 25 years to creating the best dies with reverence and pride. Even though I’ve worked through many sleepless nights, there is no equal to the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with creating a die and an exceptional product.”



We make a lot of efforts to make flawless products. If we are unsatisfied with our products, we spend more time and put more efforts until we are satisfied with what we make. We believe that we can’t satisfy or inspire anyone with our products that we are not satisfied with.



We never watch the clock when we make products because we believe that concentration is the most important factor to make the right product just as the sunlight needs to be focused in order to burn things. Persistent concentration is the true foundation of making the right product.



We believe that nothing can be accomplished with our endless passion. Nothing is impossible for us if we have courage and passion. Opportunities are discovered by passion and that energy is born from our products.



Teaching someone can be a more difficult task than learning from someone if we don’t have knowledge, know-how and our own philosophy; however, our masters can’t be more happy to share their experiences with others.



The aesthetics of less is more

Our designs reflect the concerns of customers. We aspire to be faithful to the inherent performance and functionality of products by implementing a simple and intuitive design philosophy as a basis. We believe that the best designs ensure aesthetic satisfaction without compromising the functionality of a product.

Design/360˚ Design Experience


Designs reflecting experience

It is our belief that the inherent function of design is to invariably satisfy the emotions of people in a timeless manner. Thus, we desire to impress upon our customers the “360˚ Design Experience” design philosophy in consideration of the smallest details of a product. We strive to deliver the full beauty of a product to customers through sensory communication achieved with a visual language.

Design/Features & Functions


Designs faithful to the basics

Today, we are constantly faced with products featuring cutting-edge technology and a variety of functions. However, we question whether the abundance of technologies is truly necessary. Our designs consider the reasons for using a product to effectively deliver its intrinsic functions rather than the brilliant technologies and features.






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