Olivier Janin
Olivier Janin
Founder & CEO at NΞOTROPΞ
L'Ille, France
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The team at Neotrope deploys its expertise with three main goals at heart :

Continuously explorenew forms of digital and social interactivity

Foster the winning combination ofartistic creativity and financial viability.

Use technological innovation to promote human fulfillment

Neotrope was founded in 2007 by Olivier Janin.

After graduating in 1996 from the University of Lille with an engineering degree in communications and information science, Olivier worked at an advertising firm on developing digital communication for companies such as Microsoft, AOL, and Vivendi.

Olivier Janin then created and produced interactive content and experiences, particularly in the cultural and entertainment industries (Canal+, TF1, Ubisoft, Warner, Sony Music, MTV, and SFR) and for luxury and fashion businesses (Chanel, UpFactory.com).

At the start of the 2000’s, he became linked to the success of the French studio Team-cHmAn. In particular, he produced the video game Banja.com, which was nominated for and received 12 international awards (NHK in Japan, Ars Electronica, Europrix, GDC, MIM, and others) and which amassed a global community of 2.5 million users .

In 2013, Olivier received a diploma from Stanford University.

He regularly gives talks around the world and occasionally teaches courses and workshops at design schools (AHO Oslo) and business schools (EDHEC). Since 2015, he has been mentoring projects dealing with social economy and humanitarianism.

Olivier also created the Lille Quantified-Self Meetup, which is affiliated with the group in San Francisco.

Wearable Sensor-Controllers – Connected Wellness and Digital Health

In 2008, Neotrope set about creating and developing experiences with the use of wearable biometric sensors and smart items.

The firm deploys its entire added value into this emerging sector, specifically its ability to offer experiences based on reliable scientific research while retaining consumer appeal because of the skill intrinsic to the digital entertainment industry.

This dual approach, simultaneously precise and creative, well-founded and pragmatic, requires agile velocity and methodology.

Neotrope relies on a network of specialists and partners within a broad scope of applications of the field, which enables it to offer dedicated teams that evolve according to the phase of a project, from research all the way to deployment.



Bio-sensing, Data Science, Serious Gaming


Affect-Tag turns emotions into actionable data

Affect Tag is a physiological capture solution and emotions analyzer dedicated to User Research and Market Research.





O.zen for Ubisoft

The connected wellness app from Ubisoft featuring a heart rate sensor.