Oliver Miao
Oliver Miao
Senior Manager at Shenzhen ZOWEE Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen, China
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Shenzhen Zowee Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zowee Technology"), established in 2004, was listed on the stock market in Shenzhen Stock Exchange (security in short: Zowee Technology, stock code: 002369) in March 2010 and is specialized in R&D, manufacture and sales of 3C products for communication, computer, consumer electronics, etc. Such qualified services as design, development, production and technical supports are provided to global customers in the fields of mobile terminal, network communication, intelligent home, wearable, automation and consumer product. By virtue of obvious technical advantages, professional pioneering attitude and perfect spirit of service, Zowee Technology has been always leading the market, and sincerely cooperating with many globally top-class customers to create a bright future.

Currently, the Company has about 8500 employees distributed in the whole world, with R&D centers in Shenzhen and Xiamen and two highly automated production bases respectively in Shenzhen and Tianjin. Zowee Technology is capable of providing excellent product design; sound supply chain management and specialized & flexible intelligent manufacturing based on its own R&D and manufacturing capacity, helping customers to market products in a shorter time and improve their cost efficiency. In 2015, the Company set up a technical service branch in Silicon Valley, and has since then focused on supporting creative companies consistent with the science and technology industry thereof, assisting in the innovation of global intelligent hardware.

As a world-class product and service solution provider, Superior Technology perseveres in increasing investment on advanced technology-driven innovation consistently, optimizing product mix constantly and expanding the production automation gradually and has transformed into an industry-leading enterprise driven by efficiency from by scale.

So far, Superior Technology has been passed and certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and SA8000-2008, as well as successively honored with Top 500 Industrial Enterprises in Shenzhen, Nanshan Leading Private Enterprise, Nanshan Top 100 Tax Payment Enterprises, AAA High-Integrity Enterprise on Middle and Small-Sized Enterprises High-Integrity Ranklist, etc. In addition, it also has been bestowed National High-Tech Enterprises, Shenzhen Municipal R&D Center and other qualifications.

Being up against billowy trend of Internet of Everything, Superior Technology will, as always, firmly undertake the mission of science and technology, cherish its dreams and long for a bright future. It will spare no effort to seize the growing opportunity bountifully provided by the Internet of Things era and set up a comprehensive service platform integrating product, manufacture and speeding entrepreneurship, working hard for being a benchmark of China’s intelligent manufacturing, an ideal platform cooperated with innovative enterprises and startup, as well as a top-ranking technology service-oriented enterprise.


Manufacturing Services

While promoting the core quality value that "quality is gained through R&D", Zowee has recognized that "consistent quality" is gained by manufacturing and it needs to bring quality awareness to each employee in each process of manufacturing. Strict quality standards for all the details have been established from separated materials to products integration and even to logistics, together with effective execution. Deeply rooting in EMS electronics manufacturing for more than a decade, the Company has developed into an efficiency-driven one-stop intelligent manufacturing solution provider, who is devoted to precise mould, manufacturing, purchase, logistics, automation and a series of other services. Besides, two industrial parks have been respectively set up in Shenzhen and Tianjin, where have gathered a batch of highly-qualified employees familiar with high-tech products and precision manufacturing quite well, more than 90% of whom have abundant professional skills and many years of industrial background and are able to combine with the experience about manufacturing project and process technologies gained in many years by Zowee, thus enabling quality of each products batch to be stable and consistent with design expectations.

Advanced ERP system and self-developed MES intelligent factory system with IE lean manufacturing, JIT feeding mode and automatic production line, jointly ensure highly effective operation between production information and automation equipment, which could help customers bring products into markets in a shorter time in the Internet mode and improve their cost efficiency. With the manufacturing capacity based on advanced facilities and management, Zowee Technology applies leading flexible production modes, which are able to precisely match individual demands of different customers’ orders.

Besides, the Company can provide diversified and flexible manufacturing services and assist customers to win market shares by virtue of advanced production equipment, industrial talents and abundant experience. Zowee, an electronic manufacturing service provider, clearly knows that the key factor of success lies in the ability to promote products to be timely marketed and provide a production planning and excellent quality complying with cost efficiency. In the future, Zowee will continue the innovative manufacturing technologies to improve enterprise value for all customers.

Mold Development and Manufacturing, and Molding and Spray Printing


Supply Chain Management


Printed Circuit Board Assembly


Product Assembly and Packaging


System Integration and Testing


Production Track system


Develop Automation system


New Product Introduction (NPI)


Engineering Service

Ever since establishment, Zowee Technology has regarded "devoting to product and service appreciation" as the growth motivity, and has gradually established a R&D management platform oriented towards customer demands and centered on project management, to get close to the market and fully understand user demands and quickly respond. We provide high cost performance products and services for global customers by integrating innovation technologies and advantages in R&D production cost, provide one-stop automatically flexible manufacturing services for our customers, to maximize customer values.

Currently, Zowee Technology has set up two R&D centers respectively in Shenzhen and Xiamen. Totally 1504 Employees have academic certificates above junior college, wherein 499 are engaged in the R&D of mobile terminals, network communication, intelligent home, wearable, intelligent video, module of Internet of Things and other products.

As a globally leading product and service solution provider, the Company persists in increasing R&D investment, keeps optimizing product structure through innovation driven by customer demand and advanced technologies to win with high quality, and gradually expands production automation and application of the MES system to improve production efficiency and enable the Company to lead the industry all the time.

Having successively been rewarded Shenzhen Municipal Research and Development Center and National High-New Tech Enterprise, Zowee Technology focuses on the most advanced technologies globally, persists in investing product innovation and R&D every year, and has successively established the IOE Internet of Things Laboratory, the intelligent video laboratory, the automation equipment innovation laboratory and other critical technology research laboratories, to keep transforming leading technologies to customers’ competitive edges and business success. Meanwhile, the Company also has established the world-class R&D management platform and possessed R&D management process complying with ISO systems. An expert committee is assigned to control and manage development processes, design in accordance with relevant international standards during all the product development processes, and involve in overall special test (including electromagnetic compatibility EMC, safety, environment, etc.) verification, to fully ensure product safety and reliability.


Components suggestion and selection


To constantly improve component selection specification and optimize component library to provide customers with high-accuracy component selection scheme and facilitate one-stop circuit design.

Product Appearance and Packaging Design


Solution provider with core competitive force in product planning, interactive design, appearance design and packaging design based on industrial design and product quality.

Product Mechanism and Mold Design Capacity


Use of scientific and systematic design procedure will reduce number of test models and test cost, largely shrink mold development cycle and effectively control mold development progress.

Customized Circuit and Layout Development


We provide analog and digital circuit design service, and provide solid design and testing verification based on ISO9001 certification procedure.

Wireless Application Design


We have accumulated extensive experience in RF module development, RF circuit simulation, RF indicator testing, on-board aerial design and testing.

The product software custom development


Driver Development System Support Application Development

Optical & Acoustic Design


Our development team consisting of competent technical talents applies up-to-date technologies to enhance our product lines and to meet the goal of improving human’s life quality.

Prototype Development


Technological integration makes it possible to quickly introduce products to the market with product design, material engineering, testing engineering and advanced manufacturing process based on customers’ strategy and product concept.

M2M Application Design


Our development team consisting of competent technical talents applies up-to-date technologies to enhance our product lines and to meet the goal of improving human’s life quality.

EMC Testing & Design


Deliver products meeting customer’s demands for functions, minimize commissioning time, make product met requirements for electromagnetic compatibility standard, and provide

Startup Services

As a veteran hardware builder ourselves, we understand exactly what are the challenges a hardware startup may counter, and what can really help. We hand hold hardware startups through EVT to PVT process:

  1. Startups-friendly co-working and engineering space
  2. Supportive supply chain, built in a decade with Zowee’s buying power of hundreds of millions units
  3. Complete setup of ME, EE and testing equipments, to expedite startups’ development cycle
  4. Full time DFM engineering team to work together with startup
  5. Flexible manufacturing platform, to support builds from hundreds all the way to millions
  6. Introduction to mainstream on line sales channels in China

Our target is to help startups dramatically minimize their development cycle, with the complete in-house parts shelf and equipments, as well as our professional DFM engineering support,

Our investments focus on these runways:

  • Connected medical device
  • Health care device
  • Robot
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle
  • Home IoT device