Nongyuan Wei
Nongyuan Wei
Sales Manager at Newpoto Optoelectronic
Shenzhen, China
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Newpoto Optoelectronic was founded in 2008, professional R & D, product positioning Yu Guangmin receiving the infrared emission field, manufacturing and sales, in pursuit of excellence, to provide first-class products and receive technical support for global intelligent development.

Newpoto Optoelectronic registered capital of 20 million yuan, the plant is located in Shenzhen city Fuyong town Fu'an third industrial zone, covers an area of 4000 square meters, more than 200 employees, Newpoto Optoelectronic from production equipment, testing instruments, process excellence, combined with customer demand, continue to develop a full range of quality products at [2]; the company engaged in the production of environmental protection mainly includes ordinary photosensitive series, visible light sensor series, infrared tube series, serving for intelligent light control, security monitoring, infrared touch control, small appliances, intelligent control and other major areas of more than 1 thousand and 200 enterprises, every year to keep more than 10% growth. Over the years, high-quality product quality by customers trust and support; continue to provide front-end development of technical support for customers, after years of cooperation and development, together to witness the rapid development of partners.

Development history

In the early 2008, Newpoto Optoelectronic was formally established, is located in Haicheng Xixiang Road, then rented a 40 square meters of office.

April 2010, Newpoto Optoelectronic was selected in World Expo private enterprise joint pavilion shining matrix display wall.

August 2010 28, Newpoto Optoelectronic production line was officially established, at that time only two sets of semi-automatic welding equipment, solid crystal, sealing glue is all manual work, less than twenty employees.

In May 2012, we moved into the new factory in Fuyong, the replacement of the automatic production line of new plant area, from the original 800 square meters has been expanded to nearly 2000 square meters, staff also slowly increased to about 50 people.

In May 2015, we expand the factory again, the workshop area increased to 4000 square meters, production capacity from the original 10KK per month, up 40KK/ months. Personnel also increased to nearly 100 people.

management idea

Newpoto Optoelectronic uphold the continuous innovation, continuous improvement, integrity management, cooperation and mutual win business philosophy, customer satisfaction as the core, to provide customers with quality products and services, mutual benefit and mutual benefit and common development.


Visible light sensor


Patch photosensitive IC


Transmit receive pair


Photosensitive transistor


Photosensitive receiving


850 emission tube


940 emission tube