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Company Website: StartupEast

StartupEast is a Pan Asian Israeli Accelerator which connects Asian and Israeli entrepreneurs. We are located in Tel Aviv, the 2nd best startup ecosystem in world - right behind Silicon Valley - although the market is 46% smaller than our peers in the US. Meanwhile, we are experiencing a surge of Asian investor activity in the Israeli startup scene. However, a huge cultural gap hinders the creation of a real Israel-Asian startup network.

This is where StartupEast enters; to create and nurture a large community from which joint Israeli-pan-Asian startups are to be successfully established.

We offer:

Accelerate to Asia


We provide access to services and mentors, including marketers, distributors, localization, translators and social platforms. We also have close partnerships in the fields of IP, finance, HR and law.

The program also includes:

  • Introductions to investors and VC’s in Asia
  • Access to top Asian incubators and accelerator programs
  • Funding startups that wish to set up activity in Asia
  • Networking, partnerships, events, hackathons and exhibitions
  • Board of mentors and advisors

Startup adVenture


Ranked as number 2 in the world startup ecosystem, Tel Aviv is the place to be for ambitious, driven and savvy entrepreneurs. It has the second highest output index of startups, a well-developed funding industry, a vibrant entrepreneurial culture, strong public support and an abundance of talent. It is also a ‘non-stop’ city, with world-famous beaches, nightlife, cuisine and more.

The Startup adVenture program aims to allow early-stage founders and CEO’s from all around Asia to meet and network in the Startup Nation. Our tailor-made program offers a 2-4 weeks long schedule in for selected applicants, and held in Israel once every 3 months. It includes hands-on training and practice with Israeli start-ups, meetings with industry leaders and mentors, meeting with investors and VCs, first-hand success and failure stories, workshops, cultural excursions and more.

Training Programs


Our program includes:

  • Internships in Israel and Asia : Looking to develop your entrepreneurial and professional skills? Looking to gain exposure to a new dynamic and booming economy? Our customized internship programs will give you the experience, challenge and ‘know-how’ you are looking for
  • Courses & Workshops : We offer courses, seminars and workshops in the field of Entrepreneurship in Asia, for individuals, groups, companies, executives, students and more
  • Events: Join our networking events with StartupEast and partners

I am the COO of StartupEast - feel free to contact me if you are interested in learning more about how our services can accelerate your project development.