Nina Lai
Nina Lai
Project Manager at Netio Technologies Co., Ltd.
Taipei, Taiwan
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Netio provides design services to companies that need to speed up their project development and/or product offering with embedded applications to various customers.

Established in 2004, Netio has extensive experience in performing design work for hardware projects and major industrial computer companies. In addition, we have experience with X36, RISC based systems for industrial environment standard working temperature range, extended working temperature range and rugged application for maritime and outdoors applications.

No matter where you are in the project development, Netio provides design solutions from your project inception to mass production. We provide control of the design risk and schedule in order to provide a cost-effective design with the shortest time to market.

Product concept and feasibilities study service

Our services include product concept design, design feasibility study, design risk prediction, and cost analysis, as well as minimizing project risks and total product development costs performed by our design engineers using suitable system level design methods.

Product Design Service

Full system design service with industrial design, system layout, mechanical design, thermal design, DFM and DFT design and EMI/EMS/Safety design and check and optional service for products certificate for the EMI/EMS/CE/FCC/ UL certifications. We also take partial design tasks such as industrial design and mechanical design service, and electronic boards design service.

Prototype Production service

We serve hardware projects with a very small minimum order of units, and we provide assistance in building prototype and golden samples for customers.

Manufacturing Service

With our broad industry network, we provide assistance in finding manufacturing partners that are suitable for your production quantities and cost target. In addition we provide OEM manufacturing services.

The services are exemplified below:

Customized Tablet Computer ODM Service