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International award winning product design and manufacturing company, trusted by the world’s most iconic brands. Shark Design is a full service product development company in Hong Kong and the USA with a manufacturing office in Shenzhen, China.

We specialize in design and development of consumer electronic products. At Shark Design we take great pride in delivering superior products and services to each and every client. With our creative USA product design and marketing team, Shark Design is a leader in the industry from small startups to global brands.

Our offices are located in Shenzhen, China the world’s fastest economy and the center for global manufacturing. We provide complete end-to-end solutions with full transparency, delivering our clients piece of mind. Our Shenzhen facility handles product development for our original design manufacturing (ODM) projects. In addition, we offer Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) sourcing and manufacturing management for clients from development to final production and shipping.

Our Services


We anticipate customer demand and help brands expand into new markets A key factor is to maintain competitiveness, providing important information that identifies and analyses competition, market size and market requirements. Market research provides a reference point to start the design process, it will give us a more rounded understanding of the intended market for consumers and reveals unforeseen opportunities for new and existing products.


Great product design has the ability to make life simpler for many people, our aim is to help companies get started. We deliver superior products, services and packages to each and every client, whose custom is greatly appreciated and in return our clients distinguish us ahead of others.


Design and engineering should come together as one, in order to make sure the product not only looks great but also functions correctly. We have highly skilled engineering teams from the USA and China.


With clear brand identity and product design in place, strong brand communication and packaging design becomes a critical step. Graphic design is a sophisticated process, in this sense can demand the perceived value of a product. We will ultimately lead you to a more cohesive customer experience and a strong unique streamlined branding presence.


Western owned and managed operating out of Shenzhen We have offices located within China in Shenzhen, the worlds fastest growing economy and the center of global manufacturing. Our team on the ground manages our quality control, production lines and operations within our facilities and our partners manufacturing sites. With our operations in China this places us in a unique position to service our customers projects immediately.


Its power cannot be underestimated Clients relate to products and connect with them in two ways, conscious and subconscious. Identifying the brands product range gives a deeper kind of connection and is often the most valuable asset of a company. We enable our clients to build brand status and consumer loyalty for anything from an idea to a single product to a product line and ultimately to a complete brand.


At the end of the day, every design needs to be realized Manufacturing is key to the success of any innovation, it is at this stage that the smallest variances can have a significant impact on the original design. Once the idea has become a product and has been designed and branded, it reaches the point where it is handed off for tooling and manufacturing. Working collaboratively with factories and suppliers ensure that elements such as tooling and production run smoothly through to the distributors and logistics companies delivering the original design from conception through to the consumer.


Boost® Accelerator focuses on providing support to develop your idea into a tangible product, provide funding, mentorship, office space with visitation to our manufacturing offices in China during a four to six month program. In return we require 8% to 10% equity, contracts are simple, transparent and available for all to see.


Boost® Marketing Campaigns raises millions of dollars in pre-order sales for products we design manufacture for ourselves and our clients.

• Branding & Copywriting

• Product Website

• Pre-Launch Campaign

• Digital Ad Campaign & Retargeting

• Social Media Account Management

• Newsletter Campaigns

• Public Relations

• Customer Service

• Video Production

• Social Influencers

• Celebrity Endorsements