Nicolas Du Cray
Nicolas Du Cray
Investment Director at Cathay Innovation Fund
Shanghai, China
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Cathay Innovation is a global venture capital fund founded around the shared conviction that supporting digital entrepreneurs by providing them with a platform bridging North America, Europe and China, can make a difference to accomplish their vision. We are affiliated with Cathay Capital Private Equity.


Cathay Innovation was founded because we believed we could make a difference for entrepreneurs on a mission to drive change through technology. What we do is based on clear principles:

  • one team for one world: we are one team of people on three continents, sharing the same global vision and helping our invested entrepreneurs to go beyond their dreams. We chose to be together, trust and help one another. We believe this makes a real difference for our invested entrepreneurs.
  • for passionate entrepreneurs: we are primarily looking for entrepreneurs who have a clear vision about what they want to accomplish, who are determined to make their vision a reality, and who demonstrate clarity of purpose.
  • on the frontier of everything: we believe in diversity. As a group of very different people sharing with the whole Cathay family, we have the common belief that erasing the frontiers and mixing knowledges should be of efficient help for the entrepreneurs we back.
  • we love technology: we enjoy technology and strongly believe it leads to a better quality of life for the vast majority if used appropriately. We feel so lucky to be working with innovative and bright people inventing exciting new things.
  • determination, focus and courage: we know that entrepreneurs have to commit a very high personal price to make dreams become reality. We stand by our entrepreneurs and help them achieve their goals, both in good and bad times.
  • say what you do and do what you say: saying what you want to do and doing what you say is the basis of everything we do. With us, entrepreneurs will find mentors who give it to them straight—with no hesitation, and deliver without compromise.
  • simple is the hardest: people have a tendency to over-complicate things. Our goal is to simplify. When your goals are clear and the road is straight, people can focus and unleash their full potential—and achieve more than they thought possible.
  • we are working for the young generation: we are proud to back young people who are committed providing better ways of doing things through disruptive technologies issued from their imagination.

CATHAY CAPITAL PRIVATE EQUITY AT A GLANCE Key figures (as of January 2016)

Assets under management: 1 200 M€

Investments: 46



We are a multi-stage investment platform dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and ambitious management teams in their international expansion. We look to partner with unique companies that can benefit from our ecosystem spanning three continents. Through our current funds we can invest from €5m to €75m in rapidly growing companies located in Europe, China and the U.S.