Nick Dimitrijevic
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Company Website: NOA Labs

NOA Labs is the ultimate turnkey solutions for design, development, prototyping, crowdfunding and mass productio. Solving the most challenging projects and always delivering high quality on time and under budget. Thanks to the exceptional team, the strong network of partners and streamlined workflows. Bringing dreams from idea to market, developing new products, services, and technologies, spinning off new companies and crafting a better future.

NOA Labs brings you from Idea to Market

International Design + German Engineering + Produced in China

Founded: 2012 | Projects: 611 | Crowdfunded: 2,940,845 USD | Customers: 328 | Countries: 54

Our Services

Everything that you need to bring your idea to market

Generating Ideas

We help you to find new ideas or improve existing products.


We build high-quality mockups or working prototypes for you.

Product Design

We design your hardware or software product.

Mass Production

We setup your production from zero to any quantity you need.

Product Development

We develop electronic, mechanic, firmware, app and cloud.


We ship your product to your warehouse or to every single end customer.

And so much more: Consulting, Sourcing, Testing, Qualifying, Certifying, IP Protection, Supply Chain Management, Quality Control, Life Cycle Management, Recycling, Funding, Sales, Marketing, Training