Nicholas Zhang
Nicholas Zhang
Business Manager at Stephen Gould Corporation
Shenzhen, China
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Packaging Redefined

Stephen Gould Corporation is the largest independent packaging and print solutions company in the U.S., offering services that encompass display, design, engineering, marketing communications and production as well as warehousing, assembly and third-party logistics.

We are a totally package design solutions company, and would love to see if we can meet up to discuss your Packaging needs and/or problems that we might be able to provide creative solutions for. We have been successfully cooperating with partners offering them value such as cost saving, environmental designs, quality production, fast deliveries etc.

Who we are

•Official Stephen Gould representatives on the ground in China!

•Your Operational Team in China::

1.Your extended hand in China: Project Management, Customer Relationship Management, Product Sourcing, Supply Chain Management

2.Your insurance policy: Production Control, Quality Assurances, Risk diversion

3.Your specialists in developing new products: Electronics, Mechanical products and more…

4.Your creative talents in designing: Corporate Identity, Brand value, Graphics, Structural….

Supporting you to increase Revenue, have less Risks and create Value to your projects.


What are our Product Competencies?

•Project: Decades of Experts in Printing & Packaging and Sourcing / Procurement in China

•NPD: In-house SG Engineers over 20 years experiences in different fields and different product types

•Quality: Specialists in Quality Assurances & Production Control with a Black Belt in Six Sigma and over a dozen of Green Belt certified Quality Controllers & Project Managers.


Our portfolio