NengWei Lin
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University College London, U. of London

About Seeed Studio:

Seeed Studio is an open hardware facilitator based in China. We provide quick prototyping tools per community needs, like Seeeduino series, DSO Nano, and electronic bricks. We help innovators turn designs into products on shelf.

Though a lot effort is being done, it is still a challenge to grow ideas from prototype to mature products. The mass production oriented industry can’t be changed overnight, but we could tweak the resources for open source hardware from today.

  1. Borrow their supplies – The samples sleep lazily on shelf waiting for factory purchaser, their destiny is to be produced endlessly in millions. We need to find a way to wake up the talented ones, for some interesting task never taken before.
  2. Take over production lines – A happy factory in Shenzhen runs 24*7*365, while the rest still needs small orders to consume idle time. To ensure right delivery within right time, pro-active communication is a must but never adequate. Also, ordering existing components is much easier than creating anything different
  3. Made with Do-It-Together – Do-It-Yourself is an addictive hobby, while open source hardware parts might still worth centralized manufacturing. A community based project could give leverage on unit cost and growth period

Products and Services:

  • Quick Prototyping modules
  • Open Hardware Solutions
  • Prototyping to Products
  • Open Hardware Services