Natalie Chiu
Natalie Chiu
Account Manager at Jazz Hipster Corporation
Taipei, Taiwan
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Leader in Audio Speaker

Jazz Hipster Corporation is one of the worldwide leaders in the manufacturing of audio speaker solutions for the computer and consumer electronics market. Jazz has become an international market-share leader in the computer audio category by providing high-performance multimedia products for the computer OEM/ODM and aftermarket industries.

Established and headquartered in Taipei, the Jazz Hipster Corporation is an integral part of the Jazz Hipster Group, a conglomeration of four companies that employ over 1,500 people worldwide in facilities in the Taiwan, China and the U.S.A. The company’s advanced Research and Development Center in Taipei focuses on solutions for multi-channel speaker technology and the transition from analog to digital audio in order to provide high-quality audio to the converging markets of home and office computing and entertainment.

Jazz Hipster maintains active OEM/ODM relationships with some of the world’s leading computer manufacturers and continues to expand its strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Dolby Labs, and Intel to develop future cutting edge audio solutions for emerging markets.

Jazz Hipster’s consumer products division also designs, manufactures and markets a complete line of amplified speaker products distributed under the JS brand name, JAZZ SPEAKERS, to the worldwide computer and consumer electronics market.

Product Lines

(1) Speaker


(2) Headphone


(3) Portable Outdoor Speaker