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Keywords used seo services meaning by the competition. VII. Content of the website of the client. Build a comprehensive listing of Keywords addressing the information Referred to in point, Making use of tools of Estimate of potential traffic Can generate these words and Observing the level of competition Which has each. On that list start to perform Customer reviews and arrive To a final listing of Optimization according to the size of The customer page and its capacity Of new content generation. After closing this list you must Periodic reviews, taking into account To changes in trends Search or launch Services and products that must Be considered in the process of Optimization and be included therefore In the list of keywords. I.e. VIII. SEO METHODOLOGY AND PROCESS Competition Analysis.

This activity aims to obtain A vision of what the Competence and how the client Can take advantage of the situation For greater visibility That this You decide to determine With the keywords that will be Object of optimization, who Are the main online actors and In conjunction with competitors Detected by the client, which Generally obey their scope Business, extract a listing Of competitors to be analyzed Visibility and technical factors That favor their Positioning, in addition to Out a seo services for small businesses bench marking analysis. To determine good practices That they are applying and can Extrapolate to our client. To the detriment of the content of the site. Make good use of the structure And design of the site, following the Logical hierarchy of information On the page. Typically, the title Page should go on the label H and subtitles on the tags H, h and so on depending on Of relevance. Try to strengthen the strategy Of internal net linking local seo services referencing, When possible, to Other pages within it site. All the decisions described above.

Analysis of current contents of the site Searchers make special emphasis In the content of the seo services meaning site to the Time to index the pages. We begin by doing an analysis Of the current content of the site: Scrolling through all the pages and Doing a study of the words Key that could be used In each case depending on the Concepts and ideas expressed. Ensuring that content Its unique. That is, that Content is not copied from another Web page. Offer content Unique criteria is a very important criterion For positioning a Web page. In a careful study of the company and The objectives outlined at the beginning Of SEO actions. Definition of meta tags and title Goals are setup tags That give you information Additional to search engines about pages.

For each page there is a word Primary key that encompasses Main idea, and around Nine secondary keywords Which are related to the rest Of the concepts expressed. On the one hand, it must be relevant To the user who must be the actor Most important to consider when writing The content while Must follow a writing strategy Suitable for easy indexing By the Search engines. With the user in mind, the Content must: Determine field of action List Broad Keywords List Definitive Keywords Updates settings to click more the List of quo VIII. SEO METHODOLOGY AND PROCESS be written with clarity and consistency, Following fully the Grammar and spelling rules Language and correspondence With the communication's strategy Established by the company. To be useful to the user, providing Data and information And that they may be beneficial to Or interest.

Does not about Only to get the attention of the User in the first instance, but To maintain it. This is due to Empathy and put into place Of which you are seeking the information, And what could be interesting Know about the topic. Refer to the main theme of the Page, linking to related content On the same website when it is possible. The links Within the same website are known Such as internal net linking and Are of great importance to maintain To the user engaged. Make good use of the structure And design of the site, following the Logical hierarchy of information On the page. Go in line with the strategy Of proposed keywords For the site and for the specific page. For search engines you must: Achieve naturally, a repetition Of words Key you want to position For that page. Here lies one of The great challenges in terms of generation And content optimization Is concerned, since we want Potentiate keywords without going.