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Facts and Figures about Techem

Techem is a leading global energy service provider for the real estate sector and private homeowners. We promote greater awareness of energy and water consumption in more than 20 countries.

Techem has around 3,540 employees at 100 locations in Germany and in foreign subsidiaries and partner companies worldwide.

Techem Business Areas

Energy ServicesServices and devices for the metering and billing of energy and water, plus device sales, hire and maintenance.

Energy Contracting Delivery of heat, cooling, flow energy and light, plus the planning, set-up, financing and operation of energy systems and extensive energy monitoring and controlling.


Techem: Your Energy Service Manager

Services that convince

Our services stand for world-class quality and reliability. We help you measuring, billing and managing energy and water. We combine maximum energy efficiency with limited resources and we work with you to actively contribute to climate protection.

Intelligent Consumption Reduction

Save energy with adapterm and consequently costs.

Energy saving system adapterm

Consumption Management

Measuring & Billing

Make the most of the convenience of our radio-based devices: easy to install, effective meter reading, fast and transparent billing.

Meter Reading and Devices


Techem Online Services

The Techem Internet portal: designed to make things easier for you and save time. Find out everything you need to know about our time-saving online services.

Online Services

Contracting Solutions

From the energy efficiency expert.


Smoke Detectors

Techem’s innovative radio technology for added safety.