Mose O'Griffin
Mose O'Griffin
Business Owner at Advanced Prototype Engineering
San Francisco Bay Area, United States
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ABOUT Advanced Prototype Engineering(APROE):

Advanced Prototype Engineering is a San Francisco-based design and engineering firm specializing in the development of mechanical and mechatronic prototypes. We provide the creativity and technical expertise to turn innovative concepts into fully designed working models. Our work helps clients develop the technologies of tomorrow.

The APROE team understands that innovation is a process which requires persistence and attention to detail as well as flexibility and resourcefulness. For each project, we work closely with clients to manage and refine the project scope while staying on track to meet budget and project goals. APROE’s prototype production capabilities are augmented by access to state-of-the-art tools, including a waterjet cutter, laser cutter, 5-axis router, CNC milling machine, injection molding machine, 3-D printer, as well as full wood, metal, and composites fabrication facilities.

APROE’s clients include companies and individual entrepreneurs in a range of industries, including renewable energy and high tech.


Advanced Prototype Engineering (APROE) is a design and engineering firm with three divisions: Prototyping, Machine Shop Design, and Education & Training.


APROE develops mechanical and mechatronic prototypes for a wide range of high and low tech clients.

  • Attractive and Functional Product Prototypes
  • Industrial machine design
  • Industrial consumer product design
  • Mechanical design
  • Manufacturing processes development
  • Mechatronics
  • Feasability studies
  • Relations with consumer electronics, circuitry, and software
  • Relationships with overseas manufacturers
  • Custom machine shop accessories
  • Museum exhibits and art pieces

Machine Shop Design:

  • Define Scope: Will shop be for prototyping, production or research? What is the project’s size, budget and timing?
  • Source Machines: Research and select new and used machines to achieve shop objectives while staying within budget.
  • Layout: Design a functional shop in CAD with necessary utilities, proper machine placement, safety and buffer zones.
  • Tooling: Advise on tooling to optimize each machine’s productivity; build custom tool libraries.
  • Take Shop Live: Install and test machines; on-site coordination of riggers, electricians, plumbers and other trades.
  • Education: Develop training curricula to guide staff on safe/proper machine use.
  • Customize: Create innovative tooling and fixtures, designed and manufactured by our in-house prototyping team.

Machine shop gallery:


Education & Training:

  • Define Documentation Scope: What instructional content is desired? What is the budget and timeframe? How detailed should shop signage be?
  • Define Instruction Scope: Is the goal to have standardized classes, or informal sessions to work on specific skills or projects?
  • Customize Documentation for Specific Needs: Work with your Risk Management team and Shop Manager to define shop policies and safety protocol. The content is designed to be clear and easy to read, with graphics that add clarity.
  • Documentation Samples: Recommend a system for providing consistent instruction: instructors use an Instructor Guide, students receive a Student Handout, Tests verify student attendance and understanding of the material, and Signage has consistent color scheme and graphics. All of these can be customized to fit your exact needs.