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We do design and manufacturing

Mixtile is a community-based hardware designer and manufacturer. With a specialization in research and development of intelligent equipment, we provide rapid and customized designs of connected devices. Our goal is to help innovative makers and hardware startups to productize their ideas and achieve business success.

Design Concept-to-Full-Production with Joy

Looking for great hardware startups with exciting business ideas and compelling prototypes can be tough. That is why we help you design products that deliver real value to customers, are delightful to use, and we can manufacture on any scale. At Mixtile, with passion and expertise in designing , we provide one-stop customization service. We build the bridge between ideas and products, guiding hardware startups from innovative prototype to mass production, which reduces the time-to-market and minimizing risk.

We are Adopter Members of Lora Alliances

Why Choose us?


We offer customized designs and manufacturing of appearances, patterns, functionalities and costs with agility and expertise to meet the requirements of different markets.


Based on experience in the industry and a world-class supply chain in Shenzhen, we are capable of using rapid and distinctive methods of development to productize customers' ideas within 60 days.


Our designers and engineers are not only experts in their fields but also geeks with imagination. Our products from their hands and minds are not only innovative but also artistic and easy to manufacture.

Our Service

(1) Prototyping


A prototype is an early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned. As well a prototype is designed to test and try a new design to enhance precision by system analysts and users. Prototyping serves to provide specifications for a real, working system rather than a theoretical one.

Mixtile aims to produce and extract ideas from your brain and make them a reality. The first prototype produced can be on a 3D printer, at your home, or other methods, such as engineers, machinist, and etcetera, to make your thoughts come to life. Your budget and goals help create your first prototype and future product.


(2) DFM

Mixtile offers competitive rates for your Design for Manufacturing (DFM) needs by working with private in-house engineers and partner factories throughout China. Our engineer’s help create and develop your 3D and manufacturing designs. We deliver a variety of processes from compression, injection, rotational, and blowing to the metal processes of casting, stamping, and cutting electronics and much, much more.

One factor to acknowledge and respect is our engineers. They are available throughout the entire manufacturing process to ensure that your product is to the best possible standard. Should a problem arise, Mixtile feels it is not only our duty but our responsibility to provide the most prompt and reliable customer service.

For the initial setup of our product, you may need help setting up and becoming familiar with your new product. If you need any support with the initial stage of the design work, we have a wide-ranging support network of highly experienced engineers. It is our pleasure to connect you to the right engineers that can help make the right choices for you. We will be happy to connect you to the right engineer for your particular design challenges.

We also offer preparations packages. If you need additional help with your planning and preparations, check out our what service we offer. Whatever you need, we can help.

(3) Mass Production

Mixtile is an open community for makers. Manufacturing starts with our members who are encouraged to share ideas, products and experiences, and assist each other by asking and answering questions. It’s not only our mission to make, design, and manufacture our products but also to accelerate the process of productization and ensure high and reliable customer satisfaction.


Having our own factories and in-house specialists gives Mixtile an advantage to be more efficient and serve our customers by doing in-house assembly. Often, the majority of labor cost for a product occurs during the assembly progress. Assembly procedures are usually labor intensive and unique to every product. As such we can achieve major cost savings by doing our in-house assembly.

The benefit of doing in-house assembling is the allowance to protect intellectual property. Outsourcing different parts to different suppliers and then putting all the pieces together behind closed doors ensures that no manufacturers sees the whole design process and tries to uncover the magic behind the making. With Mixtile, your final product is in the hands of Western management with a strict philosophy of keeping your idea safe.