Mitsuaki Tanaka
Mitsuaki Tanaka
Vice President at Systena America Inc.
United States
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Company Website: Systena America Inc.

Systena America Inc. is a Silicon Valley based IT company from Japan and has been in the US since November, 2013. Along with our office in California, we opened our second office in Kansas in March, 2015.

We specialize in supporting field testing and UI/Software verification for various smartphone carriers and manufacturers in the US. Industry examples include: Robotics software development and customer support, WebShelter security app for the financial industry, software development and quality assurance testing for Japanese mobile device manufacturers, etc.

We have also been manufacturing hardware devices like routers and developing IoT platform to visualize data collected from our router. Our router has been purchased by major railway companies, security firms, medical professionals, parking facilities, etc in Japan. Currently, the sale of our router has reached over 130,000 units in Japan.

Another one of our company goal is to actively seek out and connect with American businesses to bring innovative products/services to the Japan market. Founded in 1983, our parent company Systena Corporation (TSE First Section: 2317) headquartered in Tokyo has over 2,500 employees worldwide including our subsidiaries in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, China and the US. Systena Corporation has over 4,000 clients and its reported revenue was $338 million as of March, 2015.

Systena Corporation is composed of over 1,200 talented and passionate engineers who are committed to contributing to society through Information Technology.