Miguel Liu
Miguel Liu
Sales Manager at Jetvox Acoustic Corporation
Taipei, Taiwan
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Jetvox Acoustics Corporation was established in 2006 and has over 30 years experience in Micro-speaker Design, Manufacturing and Sound Tuning.

Not only does Jetvox provide ODM/OEM services, the company also focuses on Research and Development on high quality, top tier Earphone/Headphone designs.

Jetvox prides itself in making Sound its priority and strives to render exceptional appearance and high quality earphones and headphones of all genres.

Incessant inspiration to flourish and innovate with a perseverant attitude is Jetvox's motto.

In 2006, Jetvox developed an 8mm driver with distinctive quality and obtained patents for numerous countries.

In 2007, Jetvox developed in ear earphones with metallic housings combined with an 8mm transducer that captured the acknowledgment of one of the earphone industry's famous players.

In 2008, the birth of Dual-Frequency Coaxial Earphones with shared magnet took place. Jetvox obtained patents from China,Taiwan, Japanand the United States for this Dual Driver Technology.

The Dual Driver invention was and still is a revolutionary creation in the Acoustic industry in last 80 years.

Jetvox applies its own state of the art technology and expertise to create and produce transducers, earphones and headphones that emit sound equivalent to high performance loudspeakers.

From 2009-2010, Jetvox developed Mini-Microphones with Apple IC which allowed headphones and earphones to be compatible with Apple products.

Jetvox also applied the Dual-Frequency Technology to on-ear and over-ear headphones to further enhance the sound superiority of Jetvox's Technology.

In 2012, with the path paved by our previous Dual Driver Innovation, Jetvox was awarded with 2 prestigious Super Gold Medals at the 2012 Geneva World Invention Convention,Geneva Switzerland, for its Dual Driver Technology and headphone design. In the same year, Jetvox again was awarded 2 Gold Medals at the Pittsburgh's World Invention Convention (INPEX) in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, United States of America, for its Dual Driver Technology in the Entertainment and Technology Category.

2011: Success of developing Bluetooth and Noise cancellation headphone/earphones.

In order to be compatible to the schematics of the ANC circuit, Jetvox developed specialized transducers to be compatible with both the ANC and Bluetooth technology.

2012: Developed Bluetooth combined with microphone to further provide entertainment and luxury sound performance to business travelers and gaming lovers by allowing them to experience high fidelity acoustic experience.

Jetvox not only emphasize on acoustic tuning and speakers/transducer/drivers development but also aspires to continue passing down our technology innovations.

Jetvox thoroughly selects our acoustic team members before they join our group. They must possess talent in sound tuning, interest in music; possess a strong background in physics and mechanical engineering.

Our acoustic engineers have all been evaluated and Jetvox has applied the highest standard before recruiting these individuals.

Sound artists at Jetvox learn theories and practicalities as they are being trained. They experience the essence, the structure of acoustic sonority through their devotion and the immersion of their spirit to sound.


Jetvox's moral aim:

In Pursuit of Superiority in Technological Acoustic Innovations along with a tenacious spirit in presenting sound using its most natural form.

We are committed to providing excelling sound, earphones/headphones with structures, designs and material usage that would be the most ergonomically feasible to the users. Jetvox is capable of customizing specialized and unique listening devices for our customers.