Mickael Toumi
Mickael Toumi
Wireless and Embedded System Engineer at Macnica Americas
Dallas, United States
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Company Website: Macnica Americas

I am located in Dallas Texas and I do cover the whole US and Canada territory (SF/Bay, SoCal, Austin/Dallas, Minneapolis/St-Paul, NJ, Boston, Toronto). My main "mission" is to help companies get started with wireless projects for the IoT market. I do high level architecture review, wireless/MCU component selection and recommendation, application coding and POC (Proof Of Concept), HW review, Bring-up, Debug (big portion!) and Wireless Certification support (FCC).

I do spend time integrating new technologies that are "landing" on my desk and turn them into demos that I can show to customers. I do have a strong background in Software/Firmware programming (C/C++/Java/Python/Javascript) and integration.

For example:

I wrote the code (10K lines of C code) running on a deeply embedded ARM M3 processor on the Macnica Odyssey IoT platform (see below).

More recently, I also did a good amount of Cloud programming on AWS, adding Javascript on AWS Lambda to connect Alexa service with AWS IoT and a Wi-Fi enabled embedded device in field (part of a Proof Of Concept), see video below:

I am also specialized on Linux "deep integrations" enabling Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with targeted kernel drivers.

Hot topics are: Yocto Linux (including deep dive into the Linux drivers for wireless), NXP i.MX platforms, ST32F family, Intel Cyclone5 (Hard Processor System), AWS IoT, AWS Alexa, AWS Lambda, main leaders in the BTLE/Wi-Fi radios space, Arduino (shields)

Regarding Macnica Americas:

Macnica Americas is a fully franchised semiconductor distributor covering North America with expertise in design services, IP, applications support, and logistics. We are a division of Macnica Inc, a $3.2B global leader in semiconductor distribution and design services.

Macnica is the 5th largest distributor worldwide as reported on the Global Purchasing Top 50 Electronics Distributors of 2015. [more info]

Macnica Americas field based engineers are supported by our centralized design & applications engineering teams. Macnica Americas design services are located in San Diego, CA., and offer partial or full turnkey design of FPGAs, related power supplies as well as complete PCB design. Our expertise includes all aspects of high speed communications protocols and networking, video broadcast, signal processing and storage applications. Macnica America's specialty is high density, high speed complex FPGA designs utilizing multiple IP cores with fast time to market requirements.

Macnica Americas can help you deliver a winning project with our unique combination of technical support, IP technology, and design services.


IoT Solutions

Mpression Odyssey MAX 10 FPGA & BLE Sensor Kit

Explore the advantages of Altera® MAX® 10 FPGAs! The Mpression Odyssey MAX 10 FPGA and BLE Sensor Kit is ideal for doing proof-of-concept experiments using this Bluetooth® SMART (Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE) enabled development platform. It is the only FPGA evaluation kit design to connect with smartphones using Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

Uses a non-volatile Altera MAX 10 FPGA

Full access to all MAX 10 FPGA features, including:

Dual-configuration: MAX 10 FPGAs provide a single-on-die flash memory that supports dual-configuration, for true fail-safe upgrades.

Analog Blocks: Integrated analog blocks feature a temperature-sensing diode and an analog-to-digital converter (ADC).

Instant-on: MAX 10 FPGAs can be the first usable device on a system board to control bring-up of high-density FPGAs, ASICs, ASSPs, and processors.

DSP blocks: As a non-volatile FPGA with DSP, MAX 10 FPGAs are ideal for high-performance, high-precision DSP applications.

Access to powerful soft IP such as the NIOS II 32-bit embedded processor

DIP form factor with Arduino shield expansion compatibility

Microphone, LEDs and switches for user input and output

The MAX 10 FPGA Board connects to the Odyssey Bluetooth ® SMART Sensor board (included in the kit) to provide USB and wireless connectivity plus additional sensors.

Bluetooth® SMART (BLE) connectivity module

UV and ambient light, proximity, heart rate, and blood oximetry sensor

Temperature and humidity sensor


Low-power USB-enabled 32-bit microcontroller

Sensor expansion through I2C compatible interface

Mpression Odyssey IoT Smart Phone App

Create a Smart Phone Interface App Without Writing Any Code

Use our phone app web site to easily set up and control your IoT demo board. You can personalize your app to select the parameters to be measured and how you want to display them. You can be running experiments with different sensors and processing in minutes.

Design Services and Cloud Integration

End-to-End Solutions and Support

Macnica Americas has the expertise to get you started and help your project complete on time. With access to our supplier's latest information and factory support resources, you won't be left without the support you need.

We also have partners that are experts in cloud infrastructure and systems so you can create a complete cloud connected environment if your project requires it.

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Helio View Kit (Altera SoC FPGA)

Mpression Helio View Cyclone V SoC Platform


Bluetooth and WiFi Boards

WiFi and Bluetooth SMART Evaluation Kits and Modules


Stratix 10 FPGAs

Stratix® 10 FPGAs and SoCs


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